Amkette wallpapers are a series of background images that can be easily used to change the display picture for Flash TV. Now why would anyone want to do that? Its simple! To have a more interactive and attractive background image. It lets you to be different from the rest and makes your Flash TV more appealing.

Blue Ribbons [Download] Blue Vines [Download] Earth [Download]

   Instructions :

   1. Download the update file, and copy it onto a storage device (flash drive, USB hardrive, or memory card)
   2. Connect the storage device to your Flash TV and access the file mode.
   3. Press 'OK' button on update file. Click 'Yes'. Update will begin. It will take 45 seconds.
   4. Do not disconnect the power during update process or else the Flash TV will get corrupted.
   5. After successful completion of the update, your FlashTV will restart with your new personalized background.

   [NOTE: If you are using the YUV cable you will have to press the Video button on the remote twice to get correct video setting mode]

   WARNING: Updation should be performed without any interruptions, else Flash TV may get damaged.

   Contact : techsupport@amkette.com for more details.

Customize :

Do you want to customize your wallpaper with your personal pics. Contact us for more details. 
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