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11 Ways to change your life with the Evo TV 2!

Now now, although I have discussed several benefits of the Evo TV, there are some that stand out much more than the others…to the point they can make a difference in your everyday life!


1- Such as how the Evo TV 2 is equipped to make your old & regular TV into a SMART one! This is the single most important factor of this device! Not only does it save you the tons of money for buying an expensive smart TV and the time spent replacing the old TV but it also lets you enjoy the same benefits through your current TV with the Evo TV 2 device such as movie streaming, internet surfing, access to app stores, and much more!


2- There is also the Air Remote which is the ‘smart’ way to navigate your smart TV just like how any TV requires a remote, the same can be said here. After all, the Air remote can be used as a wireless mouse as well as a movie device for play and audio. Its purpose is to make navigation possible with simply a gentle flick of your finger!


3- In addition, the Evo TV 2 is unique due to the fact it ‘cuts the chord’. Gone are the days when you had to attach a lengthy wire from your laptop to the TV and run the former as a remote. The Evo TV has transformed this process by bringing in an ‘Air remote’ with itself.


4- As for the content, the device has its own store as well as the Google Play store. The Evo TV store houses the most popular apps in a very organized manner, including but not limited to: YouTube, NDTV, HotStar, Netflix, Cartoon HD, and many more! It contains apps not even commonly found in other stores.


5- As I mentioned that Evo TV is home to apps not found in some stores, one of such apps is Hotstar. This is one of India’s prime digital entertainment medium as well as a host of live streaming that has included many live shows such as the Wimbledon Finals. It may also be one of the leading live-streaming media of the country due to the vast array of live channels it hosts.


6- Another hidden gem found in the Evo TV Store is Cartoon HD. This app is gold for movie fanatics who prefer a homely experience over a trip to the


cinemas. Why you ask? Well, this app lets you access and stream several shows and movies that include classics and modern shows, all for free!


7- However, the Evo TV also brings to you a game-changer in the form of an app called KODI. KODI is one of a kind app that builds your own home-media library for you. In other words, upon receiving the data from your hard drive (contains your collection of movies), it will track down each respective movie’s ratings/reviews/trailers/data/etc. thus compiling it into a very stylish and organized home-media library!


8- Another cool aspect of Evo TV 2 is that it allows for mirror casting, especially since it operates on an android platform. This gives you accessibility to the same content on your android Smartphone too. Thanks to mirror casting, you can now stream your favorite playlist from your smartphone to the big screen!


9- The Evo TV store also has access to certain VPNs such as Hotspot and many others. Thanks to this, you are able to access content that may not otherwise be geographically available. For example, thanks to wide range of VPN services offered by Evo TV store, one can access Netflix US or someone in a foreign country can access HotStar as this app is only available in India.


10- Another great factor about the Evo TV 2 is that it does not just transform your old TV into Smart TV but also into a giant sized laptop! How? Well thanks to the several usb ports on the device, it can connect to wireless keyboards and mouse. Thus giving you a laptop or desktop but with a much bigger screen!


11- However, the Evo TV 2 isn’t simply for entertainment and leisure purposes only. Infact it has a wide array of activities & services for professionals and businesses. For instance, it offers all of Microsoft Office features as well as other apps from the Evo TV store such as the Powerpoint app. Thanks to apps like these, presentations have been made far simpler due to the clarity and exposure on a bigger screen. Furthermore, the provision of such services on bigger screen is very beneficial for group meetings for events such as video conferencing or business projects!

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