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3 things to create your own cool Work Space

TruBeats Nirvana Wired Headset

Music has the power to spread the positive vibes at workspace. Focusing on work during the time of stress becomes much easier with good music. Truebeats Nirvana headphones are a perfect companion when one wants to hear their favourite tunes while working on something that needs attention. High fidelity, distortion free audio quality and work with almost any mobile handset, MP3 players and all computers makes it a must have device at workstation. A perfect pair of headphones also comes handy while having a video call or a conference call as the noise-cancelling microphone on the attached cable removes unwanted background noise for an unmatched voice calling experience. They connect seamlessly with laptops and PCs for an excellent and easy internet calling experience using Skype, G-talk, MSN, Yahoo or any other VoIP service and incorporates a balanced design with a set of perfect fit ear-cups and soft padding for an amazing and comfortable experience.


Amkette S50 Speakers

A smart speaker always comes handy when you feel like distracting yourself from the work and entertain around you at the same time with your favourite music. The multifunctional speaker with  cool digital watch will come handy to effectively manage work time. A smart speaker with amazing black design add new dimension to your workspace and its superb sound quality will force you and your peers to groove with the music.. Itsa multi-connected speaker that can be controlled with smartphones using the Amkette

Amkette Car Mount – M70 ERGO

One of the reasons, which makes you feel comfortable while working is how that workspace is organised. One important tool that lets you keep your work station organised and simultaneously helps you multitask is a Amkette Carmount. This is one accessory which is a must keep. A perfect accessory for car, it can also be used on your desk to hold your smartphone. Amkette M70 ERGO has cool features like ergonomic design, soft cushioned cradle, an inbuilt cable organiser, 360-degree rotating Cradle for easy adjustment to give you different viewing angles. Power packed with all the features required for the users ease it is also suitable for all Mobiles and comes in various colours.