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Amkette is a leading convergence catalyst focused on redefining the digital lifestyle of users through transformational innovation. Since its inception Amkette has enhanced the digital lifestyle of consumers with its state of the art storage, computing, entertainment & wireless products. The vision of the company is to deliver best in class digital products & to bridge the gap between internet, storage, TV & computers.

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Started in 1986 as a computer storage device manufactures to one of the most innovative brand in India, the journey was way too long. Having its pedigree in manufacturing, innovation and marketing, the company has created highly enviable brand recognition in the industry and due to that in very short span after its inception, In the year 1990 we received “National Productivity Award from President of India” and that was only the start of new era for Amkette.

Amkette has always been at the forefront in providing consumers with products that stand out in their features and quality. At the moment this is supported by a highly experienced R&D team and strong technology alliances.

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Product Development process at Amkette

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Our Product Categories at a Glance

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At Amkette, we believe that technology is created and improvised for one sole purpose, making life easy and enjoyable for its users and what we are doing. From manufacturing of Diskettes to Thumb Drives shows how we evolved our self to provide Best in class products to our consumers.