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Frequently Asked Questions

Q- What Games will work with the Evo Gamepad Pro 4 on my device?
A- For android devices the Games which can be played in instant play mode is compatible. For better Gaming experience and more Games, download ‘Shootingplus  V3’ App.

Q- What should I do when the Evo Gamepad pro 4 cannot be turned On/Off /Frozen?
A- When the Evo Gamepad cannot be turned OFF / ON / Frozen, firstly check whether the Evo Gamepad is
charged or not. If the Evo Gamepad is not out of battery, you can factory reset the Evo Gamepad: Locate a small reset hole at the back of the Evo Gamepad.  Use a pin to press the button. Now turn on your Evo Gamepad again.

Q- Why I am unable to play PUBG by using this controller?
A- At this time Instant Play is designed to work with phones that have Snapdragon, Kirin, and Exynos processors only. HID mode will work with all Android Phones including MediaTek.

Q- Does the Evo Gamepad Pro 4 vibrate?
A- Evo Gamepad Pro 4 does not support vibration functionality.

Q- Can I play games like games like PUBG and shooting games using the Evo Gamepad Pro 4?
A- Yes, you can play PUBG and other shooting games by using the Evo Gamepad Pro 4 with out getting banned. This Gamepad supports Instant play mode.

PUBG Key Configuration / Touch Maps for Instant Play

The below image tell you what the pre-loaded key configuration for PUBG is. This can be adjusted by download Shooting Plus. RB button is used as a Combination key. For Example RB + RT is Reload.
Evo Gamepad 4 pro

What YouTuber Suggest

Call of Duty supported on Instant Play!!

  • Just download Shooting Plus V3 from the Play Store or App Store and open it. Leave it in the background.
  • Open up COD – Settings – Advance Controls Customize
  • Hit Start and customize the Keys to your desire.

  • This is how we’ve Done it:

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