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Amkette Small Screen Smarts Google’s Chromecast And The Amkette EvoTV 2 Offer Ways To Give Your Older LED And LCD TVs A Quick Upgrade, Says Tushar Kanwar

Amkette’s had a fair bit of experience building multimedia players for your TV and, with the EvoTV 2, it shows. Don’t let the simple, box-like design fool you — this baby runs Android so you have the full set of Android apps at your disposal — so you can do practically anything you please on your TV, including browsing the Web, playing media and games and transferring files over the built-in Bluetooth connection. All you have to do is connect it to your TV over HDMI, sign into your home network and you’re set to go. The remote deserves mention — not only does it work like a standard remote to navigate the grid-based TV-friendly Evo UI, but you can even wave it in the air to use the motion based control feature to browse through your media library.

In use, the EvoTV 2 packs in enough power via its quad core chip, 1GB of memory and 8GB of storage, and it doesn’t disappoint either while playing back full HD content over streaming services or connected hard disk or playing games on the big screen. There’s even support for 7.1 audio should you have the set-up in place. Apps for a number of big-name services such as Netflix, Hooq, Hotstar , Eros Now and Star Sports are included and work out of the box if you have existing subscriptions. Add to this the fact that you can use this device without always having a phone at hand (as with the Chromecast), and it becomes a wee bit more tempting. All said and done, at its price, the EvoTV 2 is a polished feature-rich device that will add a ton of variety to your TV consumption habits.
Google Chromecast
♦ Rating: 7/10
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Amkette EvoTV 2
♦ Rating: 8/10
♦ Price: Rs 6,999
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