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Evolve your gaming experience

EvoFox Elite X Wireless Controller

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Made for PC Gaming
EZ click Macros
8 Hours of Immersive Gameplay
    EvoFox Elite X Wireless Controller
    EvoFox Elite X Wireless Controller
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    Zero Lag Connectivity

    Experience lightning-fast gameplay with zero lag connectivity that ensures seamless and uninterrupted gaming sessions.

    Two EZ Click Buttons

    Dominate your opponents with the dual EZ click buttons that provide an extra edge during intense gaming battles.

    Long Hours Battery

    Say goodbye to mid-game battery blues with the long hours battery life that lets you play for extended periods without any interruptions.

    Extreme Precision For Elite Gamer

    Elevate your gaming experience with extreme precision that's tailor-made for elite gamers who demand the best performance.

    Rugged And Attractive

    A perfect blend of durability and style, the rugged and attractive design of the EvoFox Elite X Wireless Controller is sure to turn heads and withstand heavy usage.


    Weight0.38 kg
    18 × 12.7 × 8 cm
    Battery Capacity400mAh
    Playback Time6-8 Hours
    Charge PortType C
    Charging Time2-2.5 Hours
    USB Receiver
    D-Pad Up-Down-Left-Right, 4 Action Buttons, 2 Bumper Actions R1-L1, 2 Joystick/3D Buttons, EZ Setting, Clear, Turbo, Select, Start Vibration- SL and SR Button, Macro button – MR and ML and Reset Button
    Operating Range10m
    PC X-Input and D-Input
    Model Name
    EvoFox Elite X
    1 Year Manufacturing Warranty

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    Q What's In The Box

    • 1 Wireless Controller
    • 1 Charging Cable
    • User Manual

    Q. How many buttons does EvoFox Elite X have?

    A. The controller has 15 programmable buttons.

    Q. What is the weight of the controller?

    A. The controller weighs around 0.38 kg.

    Q. Is EvoFox Elite X ergonomic?

    A. Yes, it features an ergonomic design for comfortable and extended gaming.

    Q. Does controller have D and X inputs?

    A. Yes, the controller have X and D Inputs.

    Q. What is the maximum operating distance of controller?

    A. The controller has a range of up to 10 meters.

    Q. Can EvoFox Elite X be charged while playing?

    A. Yes, it can be charged through a USB cable while playing.

    Q. Does the controller support motion sensing?

    A. No, it does not support motion sensing.

    Q. What is the color of the controller?

    A. The controller comes in a sleek black color.

    Q. How can I connect EvoFox Elite X to a device?

    A. The controller can be connected wirelessly with the provided USB Dongle.

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