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Amkette is the best corporate gifting company

One of the most innovative companies in India.

We really liked the look and feel of the Amkette Trubeats S50. Despite being affordable, it looks premium.

Play but don’t touch –  The Amkette Evo Gamepad fixes smartphone gaming by getting your fingers off the screen and onto a console-style controller.

There really aren’t many Android based media players that are as well polished and affordable as the Amkette EVO TV2.

Loud and Crisp Sound. The affordable Trubeats Sonix is an impressive sounding Bluetooth Speaker with a sturdy design.

Amkette Trubeats Sonix T30 is bettering its rivals, by some margins.

One of the best Bluetooth Speaker probably with this cost. Believe me the best Battery life I ever gone through… Sometimes more than 14 hours.

Awesome Gamepad by Amkette. It work smoothly with all Games. Packaging by Flipkart is also good.

Extremely compact Media Player from Amkette that plays all the formats I tried till now.

I love the design and quality. A perfect fit for wireless combo. A great product from Amkette at a great price .Good to buy who are looking for good wireless keyboard and mouse.

An organisation which is producing quality products since it’s inception. Products on which one can rely upon.

Are you looking for the best gifts for your employees on Diwali, Work Anniversary, Christmas or New Year? You are at the right place!


 It can be an ideal gift for the employees who are fond of listening radio or retro music.

  It is highly portable and can be carried anywhere.

Pro Tip: Can bundle an SD Card with it for the complete independent music listening pleasure.


✔ To relieve stress many of the employees prefer playing games.

✔ It also support Games like PUBG, COD etc.

Pro Tip: Can be gifted for the formal as well as informal event.


✔ The laptop stand keeps your employee laptop cooler while working, improving the lifespan of their laptop.

✔ Its height can be adjusted to get the most comfortable viewing position, ideal for preventing back, neck and wrist pain.

Pro Tip: With up to 7 customized angles, you can adjust the laptop stand angle according to your convenience.


✔ To conduct a small office/group party this device can be an amazing choice for gifting the employees.

✔ Springy Bass makes this more powerful than you could imagine.

Pro Tip: If phone is running low, juice it up with the built in Power Bank. Boom!

Xcite Pro Keyboard & Mouse USB


✔ Planning to replace the old keyboards/mouse of your employees than you can go with this option for the keyboard and mouse combo.

✔ Noiseless and smooth keystroke for supreme and quiet typing experience.

Pro Tip: Provide instant one touch multimedia and internet keys access

Amkette HushPro Air Wireless Mouse


 Looking for some amazing gifts in bulk at the best price? This would be better option.

 This wireless mouse uses Sense-flow Technology to ensure a seamless and lag less wireless performance

Pro Tip: This mouse is made with Special Silent Keys that minimizes the sound of each pressby up to 90% as compared to other conventional mouse.

Amkette Rapid Wall Charger Duo 2.4A


✔ Now gift your employees a wall charger so that they can charge two devices at a same time. What else can make them much happier?

✔ It is equipped with smart flux technology 

Pro Tip: Comes with the two highly efficient USB ports with up to 2.4A Max current output.

Amkette Evo Touch Button Grip for Smartphone


✔ Want to gift your employees or your near ones something related to gaming? 

✔ It would be better option for gaming gifting within best price.

Pro Tip: Also supports PUBG.


✔ Gift your employees pocket bluetooth multimedia speaker as an all-round package for Radio, Music & Voice Recorder.

✔ It would not only let them play the track from their phones/laptops or SD card but they can also enjoy the Radio on the same device. "What a DEAL!"

Pro Tip: Provides High Diversity Antenna with Style, now they don’t have to adjust the antenna.


 With 3 USB Ports your employees can charge all their devices.

 Reliable as it is built with 3 layers of safety to protect your device against overcharging, overheating & short circuits.

Pro Tip: Supports QuickCharge 3.0 and 2.0, Adaptive Fast Charge, Turbo Charge and supports all devices.

Neo Tuff 15.6 Bag - Black-Grey (1)

✔ Gifting your employees laptop sleeve customized with the branding of your organization can be the amazing gifting idea.

✔ These are designed with high quality neoprene material to provide extra sturdiness and protection to your laptop.

Pro Tip: Double foam layer across the bag makes it the most secure to protect laptop against fall damages.


✔ As stronger magnetic infulence you have on your employees similarly that stronger our product has magnetic grip for all kind of smartphones.

✔ It ensures a super strong grip on your Air Vent; and peace of mind that your phone will always be right where you left it.

Pro Tip: The Double Spring Clamp easily and securely fixes into most Cars.

Amkette Corporate Gifting options offer you best gift ideas for employees:


Customization for branding: We provide amazing customization options from hardware to software for your brand. We offer Personalized Boot and Shutdown logo animation with the branding. We also offer our clients to print their logo on the device.


Door Step Delivery: We offer management of gifting requirement from booking to door step delivery with multi location. We provide service support through a PAN India service network.


About Amkette: Amkette is a leading convergence catalyst focused on redefining the digital lifestyle of users through transformational innovation. Today, we have a wide range of innovative products to offer the consumer. We have presence in 110 cities and over 9000 retail outlets along with quick and effective after sales service.


Electronics gifts are one of the best Gift ideas as Diwali Gifts for employees, Christmas/New Year Gifts or Anniversary Gifts for the employees. Electronics accessories like earphones for mobile, wireless earphones, Bluetooth Gamepad, Bluetooth Headphones, Bluetooth Speakers, Accessories for car etc. We provide a wide range of products for companies to offer gifts for employees and due to customization we offer the companies or corporate gifting solution providers best gift ideas for employees. 


Why Amkette is the best corporate gifting solution?

And the answer is; We're into consumer electronics and 30 year old company which continuously strives to  provide the best quality product to the customers at the best price. At Amkette we provide our customers a wide range of products across: Audio, Gaming, Entertainment, Mobility, In-car and IT Peripherals. Since we cover a wide range of domains across consumer electronics, so we can offer variety of products/gifting ideas to our clients. We offer the customization for Software as well as Hardware so it can help you with the branding for your company while gifting.