Create a fun cinematic experience at your home through Cartoon HD! -

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Create a fun cinematic experience at your home through Cartoon HD!

For all my movie fanatics out there who have transformed their regular TVs to a smart one through Evo TV 2, the next question on your mind is…where are the movies?! Well well, thanks to the internet and streaming services/torrents, movies are now easily accessible to the masses and is now even available through the smart TV thanks to its internet options. But you all didn’t want a smart TV just so you could torrent it and go through the mindless links to access a clear version or opt for streaming services that will overcrowd your device with unnecessary ads. You deserve better…but the Evo TV store won’t just offer you better…it will offer you the best experience for movies, especially those who seek a homely cinematic experience, and this is all thanks to one of its featured apps – Cartoon HD.

First of all, you don’t need to search for this app as it comes pre-installed into your Evo TV device but incase curious minds are wary of this, they can simply go to the Evo TV store which will house this hidden gem. Now for the nitty gritties, Cartoon HD allows you to watch unlimited TV shows and movies online. And these aren’t just old and classic shows but include all the modern ones too as well as plenty of very recent movies that are as about a few months old. And the price for it all? None! It provides its users free access to its services! Sounds sweet right. In other words, it’s a free Netflix with a much bigger and more recent range of movies & shows!


All in all, this app is perfectly suited for Android platforms such as the Evo TV, and this will let movie lovers enjoy a cinema like experience within the walls of their very rooms thanks to the top-notch quality of content housed by Cartoon HD!

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