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Engage your workouts with immersive and wireless sounds from the Amkette Pulse!

Amkette pulse

You may have noticed many blogs about headphones catering to the notion of the ideal ‘gym buddy’. Well it doesn’t get better than this because its wireless! After all, we all know wires mean hassle, and having wireless music play into your ears without your hands getting tangled in the earphones’ wires, simplifies your intense pumped up workouts by a million times! Well now this adrenaline filled dream is reality thanks to the Pulse Bluetooth headset by Amkette.

Besides the wireless aspect, the headset has angled ear buds which not only ensures a locked position into the ear to prevent it from falling but also helps with noise isolation. So now you can immerse yourself fully in your routine cardio without having to worry about the ear buds slipping off through high speeds or any external noise distracting you!


But wait…you might wonder that angled ear buds could make it more prone to damage due to higher exposure to sweat. Well worry not because this headset is also water-resistant! So blast its music freely whether you are running through the heat of summer or lifting heavy weights in the gym.


To add more, this device has great multi-pairing so you can connect with any two devices simultaneously while also listen to music and receive calls on the go. But one of my favorite things about this is its battery life. Its battery life simply outshines most of its competitors. I mean with 100 hours standby mode and 8 hours of nonstop music, it surely is a persistent one!


I guess you can call this ideal gym buddy 2.0 because not only is it wireless but it brings along with it a diverse array of functions…so much that music will no longer be a problematic concern on your list when working out!

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