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Even Rebels need a partner in crime for music!

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Are you someone who stands by what you believe in and fight for? Are you someone who will oppose all odds for your beliefs? Are you someone who channels this fighting spirit through music? Then you have found your partner in crime – Trubeats Freespirit Rebel! These aren’t just normal headphones….they have a meaning just like you do and that is to support and stand for those who fight for their beliefs and who they are!

In other words, many rebels find solace in music and its inspirational messages. But there is something in between them and music, that helps channel their spirits. This ranges from audio headsets to speakers and radios. But now there’s a game-changer in town – The Freespirit Rebel by Amkette!

First of all, its bass enhanced audio plays music at a bombastic audio quality…just enough to tune in with your rebellious spirit! It also comes with a signature style that is identified typically with most ‘rebels’ throughout mainstream media, thanks to its red and black color.


Then there is also the extremely comfortable circumvent ear cushions that make listening to music not just fun but a mind-engaging experience, all in combination with its outstanding noise isolation and sound quality. Not to mention that this headset is also compatible with all devices from laptops to mp3 players. Quite a diversity for us fellow rebels!


So for all my rebels who do not let their lives be defined by external values, stand for themselves, live life independently, and seek solace from music songs such as Chimes of Freedom, you require not just a companion but a partner in crime who is always there to help you find that very solace within music and that is none other than the Trubeats Freespirit Rebel!

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