Use the HELP icon on the Home Screen to get the latest tips and tricks, FAQ, report any issue and connect with our support team right away.
Some games require that the Gamepad is connected to the device before boot up. So make sure to connect the Gamepad before the box is powered on.
Netflix and Prime Video Apps are currently NOT supported. To use the mobile version of the Apps visit the Aptoide Store. HD Video and 5.1 Sound are not supported.
If the Elite Pro Wireless Gamepad starts disconnecting or shows Blinking Lights, Please CHARGE the gamepad.



Game not found

Incompatible Games

  • Morphite
  • Stick em Up 2
  • Hungry Shark Evolution
  • Crossy Road
  • Oddmar
  • Deer Hunter
  • Zombie Shooter Free
  • Westland Survival
  • Clockwork Tales

About Your Controller

Most frequent questions and answers
  1. Please see the list of Supported Gamepads. Others may be supported.

Please check if the gamepad is charged. Disconnection often happens due to low battery.

When connected to a charging cable, all the LEDs will blink slowly. Once charged all the LEDs will turn off

Yes, you can use up to 4 Gamepads at the same time. We recommend connecting Bluetooth Gamepads to save on USB ports. Check out the Evo Gamepad Pro 4.

  1. This is largely dependent on the game. Games that support local multiplayer playback will have multiplayer set up within the games.
  2. To set up an additional controller in John Ness, you will need to go into it’s Settings

About Your Gamebox

Most frequent questions and answers
  1. This can be done during the initial setup of the box. 
  2. If more changes are required, they can be made by going to Settings → Evo Preference → Display → Screen position and then Zoom in or Zoom out depending on requirement. 
  1. A single Click of the Power Button will put the box in to standby. Simply Clicking the Power Button again will wake it up.
  2. Press and hold the power button on the remote, to open the Power menu. You can Power off or Restart the Box. Select the appropriate option via the directional keys.
  3. The Power Button uses IR, so point the remote to the Box when using it.
  1. Settings > Device preferences > Google Assistant and adjust the language.

Settings > Remotes and Accessories
The box will start searching for available bluetooth devices. Ensure your device is in Pairing mode. Select it once it appears.

Yes you can connect a USB Hub to the Game Box 

  1. Yes you can connect an external HDD upto 1TB to the USB 3.0 Port. For bigger HDDs, an external power supply may be required.
  2. Alternatively, you can go to Settings → Apps → System Apps → Google Assistant and uninstall the update.

Yes you can. Please see the list of Supported Gamepads. Others may be supported.

About Your Remote

Most frequent questions and answers

The Air Remote has a built in Air Mouse and built in Microphone. Use the Mouse  button to turn the mouse mode on / off, and the Mic Button to launch Google Assistant.

  1. An Air Mouse uses a “6 Axis Gyro Sensor” to mirror the movements of the hand and move the mouse cursor accordingly. Simply Press the Ok Button for a mouse click. Some screens like the Google Play Store might not work with the Mouse, so turn the Mouse Mode off and use the up down left right.
  1. The Evo Air Remote works wirelessly using the USB Receiver that is included in the box. Keep in mind, the Power On / Off function on the remote uses IR. So when using Power on / off point the remote to the box.

The Remote will work flawlessly from up to 5-7 meters.

  1. If the Red Light on the remote is blinking, it is mostly because the USB receiver cannot be detected. Unplug it and plug it back in. 
  2. Still doesn’t work? Restart the Box.
  3. Please replace the battery.
  4. If it is still not responding please contact Amkette Tech Support. 

Yes, in these cases, turn the Mouse Mode Off, and use the Navigation up down left right buttons.

Some search boxes have the mic button next to it. Simply click that on the screen button, and start talking into the Remote.

Simply click the Mic Button on the Remote. The first time you will need to follow the on screen instructions to activate Google Assistant. Once done, simply speak your command.

  1. There is an issue with the latest update of Google Assistant. The first time you try to use it after the box starts, it takes 45 seconds to initialize.
  2. Alternatively, you can go to Settings → Apps → System Apps → Google Assistant and uninstall the update.

Yes you can. Simply visit the Play Store, or App Store and download the Android TV Remote App and follow the instructions.

More about Games

Most frequent questions and answers

Not all games found in the TV Play Store are currently compatible with the Game Box. A list of all currently incompatible games can be found here.

  1. This is a great game for MultiPlayer / Party Gaming. It lets you use your mobile phone as a controller.
  2. Simply install the Air Console App on the Game Box and your Phone and follow the instructions.

Yes you can. You need to install the PPSSPP emulator, and then transfer a copy of your games ISO file on to the Game Box. You can search for some guides on YouTube.

Most Emulators will work on the Game Box. Simply find the correct emulator and copy your ROM files over.

Download an App called Send Files to TV on both the Game Box as well as the Mobile Phone.

The TV Play Store only has TV / Gamepad compatible games. To play games that need the mouse you can use the Aptoide TV Store.

No. Only games that are compatible with gamepads work well with the Evo Fox Game Box.

Settings > Apps > All apps. Select the app / game you want to uninstall and then select uninstall in the menu. You can also uninstall the games via the Play Store.

More about Apps

Most frequent questions and answers
  1. Air screen enables you to connect / mirror your phone to the TV. It works with iPhones, Android Devices, MacOS and Windows.
  2. Open the Air Screen App and review the Help section to learn more.

Yes you can. You will need to open the YouTube App on the device. Click on the Settings Icon on the bottom left corner. Then Click Link with TV code and follow the on screen instructions.

  1. Google Duo is easily available on the TV Play Store. 
  2. Zoom, Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, and Skype are all tested working. Visit the Aptoide TV Store to download these Apps.

We recommend using the Logitech C270H.

It is an alternate App store that lets you find any Android App. The TV Play store only has Apps that are certified for the TV. Some Apps need a Mouse to use, and can be easily found on the Aptoide TV Store.

Download an App called Send Files to TV on both the Game Box as well as the Mobile Phone.

  1. Due to restrictions placed by Netflix and Prime Video, the TV/HD version of these Apps are NOT supported on the Game Box.
  2. To use the Mobile version of the Apps, please visit the Aptoide TV Store.
  1. It is one the most powerful Media Centers available. Best used if you have a large collection of media content on a Network Drive or External Hard Disk Drive.
  2. It can do much more than that, so do explore it and check out some YouTube videos on how to use it.

Yes the HD version of the Hotstar App is preloaded on the box.

Yes. You will need to download these Apps from the Aptoide TV Store.

Yes. You will need to download these Apps from the Aptoide TV Store.

Recommend connecting your HD TV to your 5.1 Channel Sound System using HDI ARC or a Digital Optical Cable.

Yes. Firefox has been preloaded.