Improve your work methods through Evo TV using Powerpoint! -

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amkette evo tv

Improve your work methods through Evo TV using Powerpoint!

amkette evo tv

Whenever we think of a smart TV, the first thing that comes to our minds are endless movies, shows, internet surfing etc. They are all rather entertainment and leisure related. However, if a smart TV was all about fun then it wouldn’t be so smart right? Well that’s the point, it’s a smart TV which is designed to offer you all the perks of a laptop or smartphone on a bigger screen through the Evo TV 2, be it from entertainment through Netflix to information through mails and even presentations through Powerpoint! Yes, you heard it right…presentations can now be done much easier through Microsoft’s Powerpoint at the comfort of your homely screen.

Remember when I mentioned long ago in my blog about Evo TV 2 on how the Evo TV store contained tons of apps…well it seems like the Powerpoint app is among the many gems accessible from this store. Thanks to this, you can now easily organize your ideas and content into efficient structures through visual aids that are much bigger and more apparent due to the much bigger screen. This works great for group presentations! Trust me I know since I usually used Powerpoint on TV screens as a substitute for screen slides when practicing for my presentation.


So in the end if you have a busy lifestyle that might not allow much space for entertainment through TV and revolves around making daunting presentations then worry not as the Evo TV 2 can also become your favorite work buddy as it houses the latest version of Powerpoint which can transform your daunting work to one filled with excitement!

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