amkette headset

No Wires No Hassle!

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Gone are the days of headphones or earphones when traveling, because now its all about Bluetooth headsets! Ofcourse it is because we all know that wires mean hassle! Especially when we have to carry the phone at our hands for the headset’s wires to connect to the phone or have the wires stretch to our phones in pockets, which can be frustrating. But now our age has begun seeing the rise of wireless devices, and that includes Bluetooth headsets, particularly Amkette’s Trubeats IGO.

But here’s the catch! Trubeats IGO is not like the generic bluetooth devices. It is designed for those with a sophisticated and stylish taste in their products. It comes with very light-weight, soft cushions that offer high-fidelity sound, thus making it an ultra portable companion for your trips. Furthermore, it’s multi-pairing function lets you simultaneously connect with two devices. Isn’t that awesome!


But that’s not the best part.

When I bought this headset, I used it constantly for around 8 hours while being around 10 metres away from my phone’s bluetooth. And guess what? It had no effect on the sound quality! It was as good as it would have been using a regular earphone, if not better.


So if you are someone who is sick of wires and prefers products that sport a stylish design while also giving a rich music experience, then look no further than the Trubeats IGO![/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]