Playing claw was never so easy

Evo Mobile Game Grip

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Dominate your opponent using four finger claws with Amkette Game Grip. It’s designed with dual metal triggers & Silicon buttons to perform multiple actions with maximised response rate. Build with ergonomic handle for longer gameplay and has wider compatibility supporting up to 6.5-inch smartphones

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  • Dual Metal Triggers
  • Sensitive Silicon Buttons
  • Ergonomic Handle Design

Dual Metal Trigger

Using a 4 Finger Claw has never been easier – with dual metal triggers you use 2 additional fingers, significantly reducing the scope open rate and the firing rate. Now you don’t have to choose between jumping and firing.

Sensitive Silicon Buttons​

These game grips are designed with unique Sensitive Silicon buttons to maximize the response rate of the triggers so you won’t miss any of your kills.

Ergonomic Handle Design​

Amkette Game Grip is built with high-quality ABS Plastic to tackle your daily hardcore gaming sessions. Also, the metal flips and Silica Coated Buttons ensure to make it highly responsive and long-lasting. Sweaty hands and Skinny Metal Back Phones won’t stop you from getting Dinner anymore.

Universal Compatibility

Strong Metal Flips

ABS Plastic Build

  • Dual Triggers
  • Sensitive silicon buttons
  • Ergonomic Handle Design
  • Strong Metal Flips
  • Compatible with all smartphones
Weight 0.109 kg
Dimensions 13.8 × 10.7 × 5 cm
Battery Capacity


Playback Time


Charge Port


Charging Time


Standby Time



Physical Connectio Required

Operating Range



All Smartphones, Android, iOS upto 6.5" Screen size


High Quality ABS Plastic



Additional Features

Ergonomic Handle Design, Sensitive Silicon Touch Points, Universal Compatibility

Model Name

Evo Mobile Game Grip


6 Months Manufacturing Warranty

  • Button Grip
  • Extra Silicon pads
  • User Manual

Q. Upto what Phone screen size this trigger is compatible with?

A. The Trigger arms can be stretched up to 5” to 6.7″

Q. How does it help to play Games like Pubg?

A. Locate Controls option under the Settings and click on Customize. Move the FIRE and AIM buttons according to the touch points of the Amkette Evo Game Grip. Save the layout settings and continue playing your favorite battle royale games.



2 reviews for Evo Mobile Game Grip

  1. parthbisht90

    Amkette Evo PUBG Mobile Game Grip with Dual Triggers is good but can’t able to register the product for an additional 3 months of warranty. I want to give 5 stars for the Product but giving it 4 stars because product can’t be register in the Website for an additional 3 months of warranty.

  2. prythivsharan007 (verified owner)

    I really like it .it’s smooth to handle and main thing safely delivered to me

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