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EvoFox Falcon X85 Gaming Desk Pad

  • Non Slip Rubber Base
  • Anti Fray Stitched Edges
  • Smooth Surface


EvoFox Falcon X85 multifunctional gaming Desk Pad is well designed for Gaming and office use. This 85 x 30 x 0.3 cm long desk pad is large enough to fit your mouse, gaming keyboard, and other desk items, keeping a clean and uncluttered desk and provides a perfect space for your professional gaming needs.. It has a non slip rubber base and anti fray stitched edges which makes it durable for long term by keeping your devices free against scratches.

Ideal and Fast Tracking

Non-Slip rubber base

Micro-textured Smooth Surface

Anti-fray stitched edges

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Multi Functional Desk Pad

Adds comfort to your wrists

  • Micro-textured Smooth Surface
  • Non-Slip rubber base
  • Anti-fray stitched edges
  • Multi Functional Desk Pad – perfect for all desks
  • Washable surface
  • Protects devices against scratches
  • Adds comfort to your wrists
  • Wide Applicability
Weight 0.47 kg
Dimensions 85 × 30 × 0.3 cm

Speed Surface Desk Pad






No, Only Washable Surface

Additional Features

Micro-textured Smooth Surface, Non-Slip rubber base, Anti-fray stitched edges, Multi Functional Desk Pad – perfect for all desks, Washable surface, Protects devices against scratches, Adds comfort to your wrists, Wide Applicability

Model Name

EvoFox Falcon X85 DeskPad


6 Months Manufacturing Warranty

1 Mousepad

Q. Is this Deskpad speed type or control type?

A. This is a Speed Type Deskpad with Non-Slip Rubber Base.

Q. Can I wash this deskpad?

A. This mousepad is not waterproof, but it has a washable surface so that it can be cleaned using a wet cloth.

Q. What are the dimensions of this mousepad?

A.  Its 85 x 35 x 0.3cm


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