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Type C 6 in 1 Multiport Hub

Upgrade your Compatible Laptop, MacBook and limited Smartphones with Type C port. Using this 6 in 1 Hub you can easily mirror or extend your compatible Laptops Display to a TV or Projector with 4K output (@30hz) or 1080p output (@60hz). Use the USB 3.0, USB 2.0 & TF/SD card Port for fast file transfers, whereas the PD charging port can be used to keep your device powered while you project.


  • 6 in 1 Multiport Design
  • High Speed Data Transfer Upto 5Gbps
  • 4K HDMI Output


  • Type C with PD support – Up To 60W
  • USB 2.0 Port with Data transfer speed upto 480 MBPS
  • USB 3.0 Port with Data transfer speed upto 5 GBPS
  • HDMI Port (Video Output 1080p@60hz upto 4k@30hz)
  • Micro SD card reader (104 MBPS)
  • SD/TF card reader
Weight 0.04 kg
Dimensions 13.3 × 8.8 × 2.2 cm

Type-C Multi-port Hub

USB interface

Type-C Hub




Laptop, notebook, MacBook, tablet, desktop and Smartphone. Note: For HDMI output, please check if your device has PD Alt mode.

Additional Features

PD Charging Function, lightweight and Compact, 4K@30 FPS HDMI Output, USB 3.0 Port, Plug and Play, up to 5 GBPS HIgh-speed data transfer, Micro SD/TF Card reader

Model Name

USB Type-C 6 in 1 Multi-port Hub


1 Year Manufacturing Warranty

1 Hub

Q1.       Can I use the 6 in 1 multiport hub to connect my Laptop, Macbook or PC to a TV or Projector?

A1.       Yes, you can use the 6 in 1 multiport hub to connect your Laptop, Macbook or PC to a TV or Projector. Please make sure that your laptop, Macbook or PC must have a Type C port.

Q2.      What Laptops are surely going to work as described in the listing? How Can I check if my Laptop will work?

A2.      All the laptops, Macbooks, Ultrabooks & Chromebooks having Type C ports will surely work as described with 6 in 1 multiport hub. You can check for the Type C port on your laptop to make sure.

Q3.      Can I use the 6 in 1 multiport hub to connect my Smartphone or Tablet to a TV or Projector?

A3.      It completely depends on your phone or tablet. The devices having USB type C version 3.1 or above support the HDMI alt mode for video output But the smartphones & tablets which have lesser versions of Type C like USB 2.0 does not support HDMI alt mode for video output.

Q4.      What Phones are surely going to work as described in the listing? How can I check if my phone will work?

A4.      Most manufacturers do not include support for wired video output. Even if support is present, it may not be prominently indicated on a device’s specification list. We’ve done some research and here is a sample list of phones that have confirmed support for USB-C HDMI output.

  • All OnePlus 7 and newer Phones
  • All Samsung S, Note & Z Series phones
  • All LG – V & G series phones
  • All Asus ROG series phones
  • Huawei Mate & P series phones
  • Motorola Edge 20 pro & 30 pro phones.
  • Samsung Tab S4 or higher model

Finally, we recommend Google to confirm.

Search on Google – “Does Brand + Model support USB-C HDMI?

For eg: Does the OnePlus 7T support USB-C HDMI?

Q5.      What is PD Charging Port? How can I use it to Charge my compatible laptop or smartphone?

A5.      USB-Power Delivery (PD) is a fast-charging technology based on the USB-C standard. Certain Apple® and Android smartphones/tablets and various laptop brands support the technology, which provides much higher performance than standard charging methods. If your laptop or MacBook has a Type C PD charger & supports PD charging then you can simply plug your devices original charger into the type C port of the Amkette Multiport 3 in 1 Hub Adapter & charge it through PD charging. The Hub supports up to  60W of charging speed through PD charging. The charging speed depends upon your devices PD charger and the device itself.

Note: Please consider & confirm all the above points before buying the adapter.


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