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Charge Your Valuable Gadgets Fast And Securely With PowerPro USB Cables

Smartphones are what we need in our day-to-day life. They make our life easier and helps us sort a lot of things. But what if one day when you try to charge your phone but it couldn’t charge at all, or it charges extremely slowly but you are in a hurry! Day ruined right? 

Mostly it happens because of the charging cable that you’re using. The main reason for your phone to charge slowly is because the cable won’t be able to provide the power that is needed to charge it faster. Or in some cases, a broken cable can cause chaos in the morning. 

But that won’t be the case with our newly launched USB cable lineup of the PowerPro USB Cable series. They are durable and support most of the fast charging standards. We have covered all of the users from USB C to Micro USB to Lightning. We have all these cables available for you. Let’s discuss a little bit about these cables.

PowerPro 8Pin iPhone Lightning Cable

As the name suggests this is a lightning cable that supports almost all the iPhone/iPad models. Build with industry-grade material. It is one of the most durable lightning cables available on the market right now. Tested for over 20000 bends this cable can last way longer than even your phone. It supports fast charging as well for the newer models of iPhones. And also supports high-speed data transfer up to 480MBPS. It supports 3A of power output as well the highest you can get at this price range. It is one of the best cables available. 

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PowerPro Type C Cable 

The PowerPro Type C Cable supports all smartphones that have a USB C port. It contains all the same features as the lightning cable like fast charging, high-speed data transfer rates, and power output up to 3A. No other cable can match its performance, especially in terms of durability as it is made of industry-grade material. 

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PowerPro Micro USB Cable

With universal compatibility and an amazingly high data transfer rate, you can transfer any of your data in an instance. It also supports fast charging as well, so no more waiting for hours for your phone to charge. This can be the best alternative for your regular Micro USB cable. Worrying about your cable getting bent inside your bag? Not anymore! This PowerPro Micro USB Cable can last for eternity because it is tested for bends up to 20000 times. The PowerPro Micro USB Cable also supports 3A power output which none of the other cables can do. That’s why we call it the most durable and reliable Micro USB Cable available on the market. 

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Type C to Type C Cable

If your charger doesn’t support the full-size USB A port then we got you covered here as well with our Type C to Type C Cable. Build the same as other cables it’s a rock-steady option for your traditional C to C cable. With up to 60W fast charging support, high-speed data transfer rate, tangle-free design and build with durable material it is totally worth your money. 

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So leave all the charging problems at bay and charge your valuable gadgets fastly and securely with our new lineup of PowerPro USB Cables. Read more about our charging cable by clicking here and stay updated with the new Era of charging cables.