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Welcome Home Your Two New Silent Work Buddies The Hush Pro Spectra And Acura Silent Wireless Mouse

The trend of going wireless is crazy nowadays as more and more brands are now started removing important ports from their gadgets which makes it harder for consumers to utilize the gadgets to the fullest. That’s why we always have to look for alternatives to fulfill our needs especially when it comes to daily life gadgets like the USB Hub which is essential nowadays if you want to get the full potential of your laptop.

Just like that, the need for Keyboard And Mouse is also crucial as it makes your work easy. For example, if you work on something that requires a lot of precise mouse movement then you need to use a precise mouse to get your job done. And to solve that problem we got not just one but two Silent Wireless Mouse. The Hushpro Spectra and the Hushpro Acura Silent Wireless Mouse are your new silent work buddies.

Made with a workspace environment in mind these mouse offers great precision and accuracy all while keeping your workspace less annoying to you and to others.

Let’s discuss each of them in detail to get a better view of their offerings.

HushPro Spectra Silent Wireless Mouse

Let’s have a closer look at some of the offerings of the Hush Pro spectra silent wireless mouse.

Silent Wireless Mouse

As the name suggests Hushpro Spectra Silent Wireless Mouse has silent Huano switches which offer silent operations, and also last way longer than any other switches. Also, the Hushpro Spectra comes with wireless tech so you don’t have to worry about the messy wires, anymore. Just plug the 2.4hz adapter into your laptop and it is good to go.

Rechargeable Batteries

People always complain about running out of batteries while using the mouse. So to eliminate that there is a simple solution, which is rechargeable batteries. And that’s exactly what you will be getting in the Hush Pro Spectra Silent Wireless Mouse. And not just that but if you’re not using the mouse you can switch it off manually (which is missing nowadays) to save even more.

Ergonomic Design For Maximum Comfort

The Hush Pro Spectra Silent Wireless Mouse has an ultra-sleek and compact design that provides an amazing grip and is comfortable for long periods.

Adjustable DPI With Lightning

The Hush Pro Spectra Silent Wireless Mouse comes with multiple DPI adjustable levels to get the best possible accuracy for precise operations and also it comes with 5 lightning effects which enhance the overall looks and aesthetics of the mouse.

This is not it, there is still a lot about this mouse that needs to be uncovered which you can find by clicking here.

Hush Pro Acura Silent Wireless Mouse

Let’s discuss a few key highlights of the Hush Pro Acura Silent Wireless Mouse.

Ergonomic Design

 With the perfect ergonomic design, the Hush Pro Acura is comfortable to hold and use for long periods. It won’t give you any fatigue and is perfect for all types of hands as it has an Ambidextrous design.

Silent Wireless Mouse

The Hush Pro Acura also comes with Huano switches which offer silent clicks and also last longer than normal switches. With over 3 million clicks tested this mouse is durable and reliable.

Adjustable DPI

Also the Hush Pro Acura Silent Wireless Mouse has an adjustable DPI setting for precise usage and also has the wireless tech to match the modern needs of getting wireless.

These are some key features of the Hush Pro Acura Wireless Silent Mouse, but there is still a lot to know about it. Click here to know more.

So this is a quick look at the offering of these 2 new beautiful wireless mice, but as I’ve mentioned before this is not it there is still a lot to uncover and still a lot of gadgets waiting to be unveiled soon.

So keep your eyes sharp as we unveil new products frequently and if you want to see more of our offerings then Click here to learn more.

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