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With over 5+ years combined experience in the marketplace, we have developed a dynamic development methodology to identify the proper ingredients that make a successful Digital Signage solutions. We uncover the best solutions for the growth of your business through our proven experience in digital.
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If something unexpected arises that affects your needs in signage solutions, we are ready to meet the challenge. No matter what your needs are, Amkette Business Solutions can help you. Our experienced team of professionals can handle just about anything, anytime, and anywhere. You can focus on more pressing and familiar business tasks while we take care of the gritty details.
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Make your vision and ideas reality with our team of creative minds. Your custom website design will be attractive, user-friendly and deliver strong branding and a great user experience for your customers. The design management, development and hosting of all your online requirements is in the one place.

Our Products

Amkette EVO Player 3 – 1GB RAM

Amkette EVO Player 3 – 2GB RAM

Amkette EVO Player 3 – 4GB RAM


Amkette EVO Player 3 – Connect  4G


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