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About Client

It is India’s largest integrated education company.The company is a globally diversified education Solutions provider and the largest education company in India. They offer education products and solutions India & across many other countries, coupled with a large footprint in preschool, Vocational and higher education. The company primary market currently is in India. The company also has a strong global footprint.

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Quick Facts

•Password protected: Quick Links customization

•Password protected: device settings, installation of new apps, play store, file explorer

•4:3 Output

•Quick Links for favorite apps

•RTC Enabled

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The Challenge

Customer wanted to utilize there existing projector and smart board infrastructure but replace the expense and hard to maintain Windows PCs with a cost effective and modular solution. The key challenge was in adapting Android Device output to 4:3 aspect ratio.

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The Solution

Provided a complete solution that consists of a 6.0.1 Android player with 4:3 output touch enabled. 4:3 aspect ratio is not commonly available in Android as the firmware is configured for a single display output. The change in aspect ratio required a change in the Android Framework as well as a change in the HDMI display module. With close co-operation with the chipset vendor we were able to execute this requirements in a short time.

In addition to the Amkette Evo Player 3 we provided a 1 TB hard disk a Wireless Keyboard and Mouse a secure mounting solution. All players were customized with brand logo, and a completely customized solution for classrooms with password protection, encryption and a auto-lockout enabled to insure that data stored on the device is not available to others.

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About Client

Japanese multinational provider of information technology (IT) services and products, headquarter in Japan. It provides IT and network solutions to business enterprises, communications services providers and to government agencies.

A multinational supermarket chain

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Quick Facts

•Porting Android 7

•Enabling Free Form Multi Window

•Touch Screen Integration

•Enabling RTC support for Android 7

•Kiosk Mode – Provides security to the box.

 •Optimizations for Commercial Use

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The Challenge:

To use an Android Device that supports Touch Screen and can be connected to LFD to launch 3 different applications simultaneously on the screen.
Providing 40% of the screen part will be used to playback Videos another 40% of the screen used to show the app  the remaining 20% and will be used to show a text ticker or images slideshow. The above solution was required as a one click environment along with custom branding and kiosk mode security.

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The Solution:

The feature requested – 3 Window Multi Window (also known as Freeform Multi Window) is only implemented in Android 7 (Nougat) and 8 as a engineering feature. The Evo Player 3, a commercial android box, at present has a fully optimized and stable Android 6 implementation.
While Android 7 has the relevant code base for free form multi window, it is still not a live feature and is not enabled by default on Android. This task is required to enable free form multi window and optimize it for TV use.
By default, Free Form Multi Window on Android launches an app in 50% of screen Height/Width and in the centre of the screen. To achieve the requirements of the project, every time the box starts we would need to manually move each window to the relevant position as per the image 1 and then first stretch the width, and then the height of the window as per requirements. Practically this is not a feasible solution. We created a one click implementation that launched the 3 required apps including auto play of local video in the prescribed windows size and window position.
Further we changed Android default implementation to remove the option to close or resize these windows. Further Kiosk Mode was implemented by removing access to all UI shortcuts, navigation and pull down menus. Settings and general use of the device is hidden behind a password. Auto run of any app can be pre-defined at boot up.