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These kiosk allow user to create there in-store signage smart with Amkette EVO Player, with this you can take your in-store shopping experience to the next level, with customize solution. When customers pick up any specific items it displays unique product information on the kiosk screen.

Installing a touch screen kiosk allow a user to interact directly with the content/website/products by which a user can have a hands on experience while in-store and can do their online shopping as well.

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Integrating bar code scanners, Thermal printer & mobile-friendly payment methods into an in-store kiosk allow a user to begin their shopping experience by scanning a product through the kiosk, then using highly efficient mobile check-out systems.

These Kiosks increase revenue & most important save the time of customers. Further, these kiosks have large touch screen and are easy to operate. Clients can avail these kiosks in different specifications at leading prices. User can feel the touch pointer from 2- 10 there only in the kiosk and can do online shopping without any difficulties.

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Imagine having the product knowledge of every retail store employee at your fingertips. Imagine no longer, this has now become reality as many retailers turn to product information kiosks to supplement busy sales associate staff.

User can create there in-store signage smart with Amkette EVO Player. Take your in-store shopping experience to the next level, with custom triggers and actions that drive engagement. Trigger on-screen content when customers pick up specific items, display unique product information based on interaction, and offer real-time comparisons based on customer activity.

Utilizing a large touch screen kiosk monitor to allow a user to interact directly with your website content & to do their online shopping experience while in-store. By integrating inventory data into the in-store retail kiosk version of the website, consumers can be directed to a product’s location in the store.