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Trubeats S50 – Livemint

The multiple audio playback options and the built-in digital clock are some of the highlights Amkette is banking on.

Amkette’s new wireless speaker S50 is more of a one-stop solution for all your basic audio needs. The multiple audio playback options and the built-in digital clock are some of the highlights Amkette is banking on. Priced at Rs4,499, the S50 is ideal for casual users looking for a compact speaker for their bedroom.

Basic but stable design

Unlike many of the brands in the entry-level audio segment trying to impress users with flashy design, Amkette has kept things simple. The rectangular shape and black plastic finish blends well in most conditions. The inclusion of digital screen inside the speaker grille allows it to be used as a digital clock. You can also set an alarm with any particular music on the microSD card or thumb drive as the alarm tune. Besides time, it also shows the medium used to play music. So if you are playing radio on the speaker, the screen shows the frequency of the radio station.

The power button is placed next to the USB, 3.5mm and microSD slot on the back panel. The main control panel, which includes the button for changing tracks, adjusting audio levels and switching between modes, is placed on the top of the speaker.

The speaker provides multiple audio modes. The built-in radio keeps one in touch with their favourite radios stations. One can also play music by simply plugging in a thumb drive into the USB 2.0 connector.

Works wirelessly, acceptable audio quality

What really makes the S50 special is the option to play music directly from a smartphone and tablet over Bluetooth or NFC. Setting up the speaker is easy and takes a few seconds to pair and connect with any smartphone. It works as long as both the phone and the speaker are in the same room.

We did notice a slight delay in music playback via Bluetooth, but overall the connection was stable. In case you want to save on the battery, you can plug your phone or laptop to the speaker with an AUX cable.

Users can also control the speaker with the Amkette Trubeats Smart Speaker app. It allows one to change radio stations, see all the tracks in a thumb drive and set an alarm from a single interface. The app is free and available on Google Play Store.

Equipped with a 10-watt speaker, the Trubeats S50 is loud enough to fill a small room. However, push the volume really high and clarity suffers a bit. It delivers a powerful bass. It played bass heavy music like trombone well, but wasn’t very impressive with vocals. The speaker is powered by a 3,600mAh battery that delivers up to 8 hours of non-stop audio playback, which is quite impressive.


The sheer number of features available on S50 makes it one of the most feature packed budget speakers we have seen. The audio quality is average but can deliver good results if you stick to soft music. If you want a portable speaker that delivers better audio quality, you can go for the JBL Flip 2. Priced at Rs6,999, it delivers high-quality audio, offers 8-10 hours of audio playback and has a splash-resistant body.