Amkette keyboard

Turn your giant sized home screen into your personal desktop!

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I am sure some of us have yearned for a laptop with the screen size as big as your TV. Well let those yearnings go away because now you can instead transform your TV into a laptop/desktop. How? Well first you need a smart TV…but you wonder if it fits your budget or not and if its worth investing so much more in a new TV? Well there’s no need for any of that since we have the Evo TV 2. Just buy this device and it will transform your old regular TV into a Smart one. It will give you all the capabilities of your laptop such as internet access and video streaming.


But wait…its still not like your desktop because it is missing the convenience of a keyboard and mouse. Well the Evo TV has got that issue sorted out too. Remember the Air remote (No I am not saying to use this as your mouse & keyboard) and the micro device it came with? Well it turns out all wireless keyboards and mouses come with a certain device like that too! Simply insert those micro devices into two of several USB ports of the Evo TV 2 device.


Voila, you now have a full functioning laptop with at least 10X the screen size. So if you ever feel uncomfortable trying to navigate your smart TV with a remote then you can simply connect a wireless keyboard & mouse to get that computer feel!