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amkette evo gamepad

How Your Smartphone can become the Ultimate Gaming Console!

Amkette evo gamepad

I am sure all of us at one point wished that our Playstation or Xbox consoles were portable and reasonably priced, so that we can enjoy the gaming experience anywhere we go…be it deep in the middle of the ocean or 30,000 feet sky high. At the same time, there are many of us who hoped that maybe our smartphones can provide us this same experience, but sadly they could not offer the same gaming quality found in video consoles. Don’t get me wrong – I love games like Angry Birds and Temple Run, but its not as fun playing through the touch screen than it is through a controller. Also, the inner-gamer in me yearns for games like FIFA or GTA, but this time to play it anywhere I want and not simply within the walls of my room.

Alas, the day has finally come for gamers like me to rejoice. Now thanks to Amkette’s Evo GamePad Pro 2, users can relive the experience of a gaming console through their smartphone anywhere at anytime!

When I first got my hands on this, I could barely hold the excitement in me.

But what impressed me even more was how simple and smooth the gaming controls, especially the grip, are when playing the games through the controller. But thats not all – the evo gamepad pro 2 comes with the companion “Evo GamePad” app which is obtainable from the Google Play Store. And here’s the good part – the app hosts over 400 games, including FIFA, GTA San Andreas, Modern Combat, etc. Damn!


But wait…there’s more left


The gamepad isn’t just limited to smartphones…but can also be connected to other Android Tablets through Bluetooth as well as to the TV through your smartphone, by using a MHL cable. So basically I can play this on the big screen at the comfort of my bed or at the small screen at my local park.


Now that’s a keeper!

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