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Urban Earphone – The India Express

I have always considered Amkette one of the most innovative companies in India. Now, the company has come out with what it calls the “lightest in-ear, wireless, plug-in headphones”. The Amkette Urban is for sure different from other neckband headphones in the market and that is something you come to expect from Amkette.

Amkette Urban price in India: Rs 2,499

The Amkette Urban takes up the popular neckband design which is gradually becoming the vogue. But it is once you pick up the Urban that you realise that this is different. That is because it is as light as a regular in-ear headphone. Amkette achieves this by replacing the regular plastic band that goes around the neck with a flexible headphone like cable. The rest of the design is quite similar to other such models with two nodes at the ends from which the ear buds stem out. The nodes house the power/pairing and volume buttons.

Amkette claims the Urban is coated with Dupont Kevlar material that makes it both tough and water/sweat resistant. This is important as most users would want this around their necks while in the gym or on a morning jog.

I was impressed by the audio quality too. The wide range of music that I tried on it, all sounded good. It is not too heavy on base and the music sounds natural. Well, this is not a high-end earphone, but it is no pushover either.

The call quality is good too and you can use the power button to initiate a voice dial as well. The two nodes have are magnetic which helps them stick together while you are on the move. Plus, during my walks the ear buds stayed in place. You can consider this for the office too, to take calls without really touching your phone.

If a neckband design is something you have been eyeing for a while, then the Amkette Urban is something you can consider, especially since it does not cost as much as the big brands. It has everything you are looking for in a product like this and a bit more, as is expected from Amkette.

Reviewed By: Nandagopal Rajan