Walk In Centers

Amkette Care Centres


Amkette Care Centre

  • Cell Point,1, Kasturi Complex, Opp. Shraddha Petrol Pump,Opp. Atithi, Bodakdev, Ahmedabad -380054
  • 7874178878
  • Contact Person: Devang


Amkette Care Centre

  • +91-9916309686
  • Contact Person: Shariff


Amkette Care Centre

  • +91-79-32952608/ 26854188
  • Contact Person - Sunder Raj


Amkette Care Centre

  • C-64/4 Okhla Industrial Area, Phase II, New Delhi 110020
  • +91-9312691448


Amkette Care Centre

  • 3-D, Shivam, 46-E, Rafi Ahmed Kidwai Road, Kolkata - 700016
  • +91-33-2294615 /9163239401
  • Contact Person: Shibshanker


Amkette Care Centre

  • Ajay Pandey
  • 8767182303/7738665310
  • 022-40057654 (Temp. closed)


Amkette Care Centre

  • Infosys, D/16, First Floor, Kailash Nagar, Sangrampura, Surat - 395002
  • 9825066755 /9327721695 /0261-2465405


  1. It is recommended to contact Amkette Customer Care before coming to an Amkette Care Center (ACC), as Customer Care may be able to help resolve the product issue. The same applies, if you have technical support questions, software issues/questions, complaints, requests or feedback, please contact Customer Care first:
    • Customer Care website: https://www.amkette.com/support
    • Customer Care contact page: https://www.amkette.com/walk-in-center
  2. The Amkette Care Center provides assistance in regards to support and warranty claims. All support and warranty claims are subject to the Amkette Warranty policy which was originally included with your product, but can also be found here: https://www.amkette.com/support
  3. In the event you need to contact an Amkette Care Center (ACC), the list of Amkette Care Center locations can be found at this link, https://www.amkette.com/walk-in-center
  4. The ACC locations are open:
    • Monday to Friday: 10.30-17.30
    • Saturday: 10:00-13:30
    • Except for official national and public holidays
  5. The ACC locations will only provide a Carry-In Exchange Support, which means, that in order to receive support or assistance with warranty claims, you will need to visit at ACC physically with product invoice. It, in some case, if it is not possible to visit, the ACC you can also courier your product with invoice copy after contacting the respective ACC.
  6. We do not provide advance replacements at Amkette Care Center location.
  7. In order to receive support or assistance with warranty claims, the following will be required to be provided to the ACC location:
    • Proof of Purchase in the form of a sales receipt or dated itemized receipt from an authorized Amkette Dealer or Reseller that shows a description of the product along with its price. The Proof of Purchase will be used for warranty verification purposes.
    • Personal details, such as name, address and contact information.
    • The Amkette product with all original parts and accessories included. This includes keyboard and mouse combo products which must be both provided.
  8. If your Amkette product is determined to be faulty and needs to be replaced, the following shall apply:
    • According to Amkette Warranty policy (https://www.amkette.com/support), the ACC location will replace a defective product at its sole discretion with either a new product or with a refurbished product of an equivalent or better functionality.
    • Obsolete or discontinued products that are defective and under warranty will be replaced with the same product, if available. Otherwise, it will be replaced with a product of equivalent or better functionality. If this is not possible then, Purchase Amount will be processed for a refund.
    • If the warranty replacement product is not available at the ACC location, you may be requested to return at a later time to collect the warranty replacement product. Should this be the case the ACC location will provide information when you will be able to collect the warranty replacement product.
    • The warranty replacement product will be opened and demonstrated by the ACC to ensure full functionality at the time of exchange.
    • A replacement product is warranted for the remainder of the original product’s warranty period or thirty (30) days, whichever is longer
    1. In the event you have any feedback, concerns or complaints in regards to our customer care center, please feel free to contact us below. (https://www.amkette.com/support/?c=service-request-form):