Ideal Dashboard Mount

iGrip Easy View Car Phone Holder

Amkette igrip one touch easy view car mount is the ideal compact car mount with powerful clamps, easy one-handed operation and a unique compact design. It is built with polycarbonate plastic which makes it a long-lasting car mount and the sticky gel pad ensures a super strong grip on any surface.

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  • Super Strong Grip
  • Extremely Powerful Clamp
  • Dashboard Mounting

Super Strong Grip

Extremely Powerful Clamp

Dashboard Mounting

Easy One Handed Operation

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Easy One Handed Operation

Supports 360 Degree Rotation

  • Super Sticky Gel
  • A handy Dashboard Pad
  • Easy One-Handed Operation
  • Polycarbonate Plastic
  • Compact and Precision Design
  • Ultimate Flexibility
  • Strong Suction – And Reusable
  • Companion iGrip Drive App
Weight 0.100 kg
Dimensions 16.7 × 10 × 8 cm

Mobile Phone Holder


All Smartphones


High Quality ABS Plastic

iGrip Drive App


Adjustable Arm


Additional Features

Adjustable Bottom Support, One Touch Lock Mechanism, Powerful Clamps, Reusable Sticky Ge

Model Name

IGrip Easy View


1 Year Manufacturing Warranty

Easy View One Touch Mount

Dashboard Pad, Manual

iGrip Drive Asistant card

Q. What is the material of the Mobile Holder?

A. The Mobile holder is build of Premium Polycarbonate. Polycarbonates are strong, tough materials.

Q. Does it have a wireless charging function?

A. No, it’s mobile holder.

Q. Is the Suction Cup reusable?

A. Yes, it’s super sticky gel based suction pad becomes reusable once you rinse it with warm water and air dry.

Q. Where can it be used? Can we use outside Car also?

A. Yes, use it in and out of your Car, mount on Car Dashboard,Car Windshield and Desk .

Q. How to set up this Mobile Holder?

A.Please refer the Video in Description.

Q. What is the iGrip Drive Assistant App and how can we install it?

A. Using iGrip Drive Assistant App you can maintain your Fuel log, and get interesting stats like your Milage, your cost/km and much more. The App also help you mark the parking location of your car, Indoor or Outdoor. You can get it on the Google Play Store.


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