Amkette - Digital Life Redefined

Amkette - Digital Life Redefined

What People are saying

NandaGopal Rajan – The Indian Express

One of the most innovative companies in India.

Avani Baggal – Gadgets Now

We really liked the look and feel of the Amkette Trubeats S50. Despite being affordable, it looks premium.

Visvaksen P – Business Line

Play but don’t touch –  The Amkette Evo Gamepad fixes smartphone gaming by getting your fingers off the screen and onto a console-style controller.

Live Mint

There really aren’t many Android based media players that are as well polished and affordable as the Amkette EVO TV2.

Sudhir Chowdhary – The Financial Express

Loud and Crisp Sound. The affordable Trubeats Sonix is an impressive sounding Bluetooth Speaker with a sturdy design.

Abhijit Ahaskar – Live Mint

Amkette Trubeats Sonix T30 is bettering its rivals, by some margins.

Priyank – Amazon Customer

One of the best Bluetooth Speaker probably with this cost. Believe me the best Battery life I ever gone through… Sometimes more than 14 hours.

Bhupinder Singh – Flipkart Customer

Awesome Gamepad by Amkette. It work smoothly with all Games. Packaging by Flipkart is also good.

Amazon Customer

Extremely compact Media Player from Amkette that plays all the formats I tried till now.

Manju Latha – Flipkart Customer

I love the design and quality. A perfect fit for wireless combo. A great product from Amkette at a great price .Good to buy who are looking for good wireless keyboard and mouse.

Aman Singhania – Customer

An organisation which is producing quality products since it’s inception. Products on which one can rely upon.