E-Waste Management


E-waste is a hazard for the environment and it is our shared responsibility to make sure a better future for generations to come. We seek the understanding and cooperation from our consumers, for working together towards reducing environmental impact of our products. Join us, as we make an attempt to save the environment.

Many of the electronics item contains toxic and hazardous waste and its safe disposal reduces the environmental impact on Pollution. The correct disposal of old products helps in preventing potential negative consequences on the environment and human health.

The Ministry of Environment and Forests (MOEF) has formulated and notified its strategy to handle E-waste through “E-waste (management) rule 2016”. The company policy of Amkette supports recycling and remains committed to comply with national E-waste (management) policy. We strictly follow the guidelines issues by Central Pollution Control Board.

As an Environmentally Responsible Organization and in accordance with government regulations, we have worked out a process of collecting products sold by us when they reach their end of life. Materials thus collected are dismantled or recycled as per stipulated guidelines.

Amkette has partnered with Pro Connect, India’s leading Producer Responsibility Organisation (P.R.O) to comply with E-waste management, in providing environmentally sound management of End-of-life electronic products. Pro connect is directly associated with various leading E-waste recycling companies in India which ensures proper recycling and disposal of E-waste. Pro connect in partnership with DTDC Express provides E-waste Drop Off and Collection Centers for efficient collection of our end-of-life products. Proconnect – DTDC partnership enables us to reach E-waste collection center in almost all major cities in India. Please see list of their centers here. For assistance please call: 1-800-11-9090

E-Waste Do’s and Don’ts


  • Always look for information on the catalogue with your product for end-of- life equipment handling.
  • When your products reaches to its End of Life should be disposed properly for recycling to protect our environment.
  • All electrical and electronic products after its end of life are required to be handed over only to the Authorised Collection centre /points/ dismantler/recycler as per information provided on our website or customer care / toll free number.
  • Keep the product in isolated area, after it becomes non-functional/un- repairable so as to prevent its accidental breakage.
  • Always drop your used electronic products, batteries or any accessories when they reach the end of their life at your nearest Authorized E-waste Collection Centers/points.

  • Don’ts

  • The product should not be opened by the User himself/herself, but only by authorised service personnel.
  • The product is not meant for re-sale any unauthorised agencies/scrap dealer/kabariwala.
  • Do not keep any replaced spare part(s) from the product in exposed area.
  • Do not throw electronics products in normal household waste stream.

  • Guidance on Disposal of End-Of-Life-Products

    In order to promote and encourage electronic waste / recycling, we would advise consumers to deposit their end-of-life electronic equipment and accessories at any of the collection centers mentioned as under :

    1. Allied Electronics & Magnetics Pvt. Ltd., Delhi,

    C-64/4, Okhla Phase II, New Delhi – 110020

    Toll free No. 1800-11-9090

    E-mail : ewaste@amkette.in

    2. E-Waste Recycling  partner – Pro Connect

    G-7, New Market, Near Khasa Kothi Circle, Jaipur (Raj.)-302016.

    Toll Free No. 1800-843-4443

    E-mail: proconnect7@gmail.com

    3. DTDC Express

    Pro Connect is having an agreement with DTDC Express Ltd. for reverse logistics to transport our customers e- waste for proper disposal and recycling of their end-of-life electronic products. DTDC is providing approximately 11000 collection points which cover almost all major cities, towns and rural areas.

    Customers can visit DTDC website and search for the nearest collection point.

    Our customers can also drop the consignment at their nearest DTDC Service Point or request for pick up from their premises. The e-waste collected through this channel will be directly sent to the nearest authorized dismantler/ recycler.