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Ergo View Laptop Stand

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Amkette Ergo View Laptop stand is a perfect companion for your laptop. It keeps the laptop cooler, improving its lifespan. It comes with 7 Adjustable Levels and have Durable Build, Natural air ventilation and Anti-Slip padding. Grab it without a thought as it is Suitable for all Laptop sizes.


  • Ergonomic Design
  • 7 Adjustable Levels
  • Lightweight and Foldable

Ergonomic Design

7 Adjustable Levels

Lightweight and Foldable

Natural Air Ventilation

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Anti-Slip Silicone padding and Protective Hook

Suitable for Laptops upto 15.6 Inches

  • Ergonomic Design
  • 7 Adjustable Levels
  • Lightweight and Foldable
  • Natural air ventilation
  • No obstruction while typing
  • Solid Grip on wooden and Glass surface
  • Anti-Slip Silicone padding and Protective Hook
  • Portable Design
  • Suitable for all Laptop sizes
  • Durable Built Quality
Weight 0.549 kg
Dimensions 30.2 × 25.6 × 2.4 cm
Model Name

Ergo View




12 inch /13 inch /14.1 inch /15 inch Laptop, Macbook, Ultrabook


ABS Plastic

Model Number


Additional Features

Natural air Ventilation, Anti-slip Silicone Pads, Light Weight and Foldable, 7 Adjustable Levels


1 Year Manufacturing Warranty

1 Laptop Stand

User Manual

Q. Can it be carried along with a laptop in a bag?

A. Yes, it is very light in weight and compact enough to be carried along with the laptop Bag.

Q.Does it have multiple adjusting angles?

A. Yes, it have 7 adjustable angles.

42 reviews for Ergo View Laptop Stand

  1. Lijo L.

    This product is recommended if you work a lot on the laptop. If you care for your back then you should consider buying this product. I am happy with my purchase

  2. Satisfied customer

    Good stuff…though a little expensive. Diff levels of height adjustment available. At max height , your laptop monitor can even double up as a part of a dual monitor setup. Overall, the product is good and ergonomic. Got it at 699/-. They could make it a little cheaper considering the fact that there’s no fan etc.

  3. Arunse

    Good for 14 inch laptop. I found it useful and light weight too. And does the job only issue was the sturdiness, the laptop keeps slipping now and then and doesn’t hold on sturdily at all workiable angles.


    Had ordered this stand to elevate the laptop screen viewing angle and it does the job. I have a 15″ laptop which is lightweight though but I’m sure it can handle heavier 15″ laptops too. It’s fully plastic with silicon grips so that the laptop is secure. It has two little front notches for added safety. It has a handle to be carried in case required. Overall it’s a decent purchase.

  5. Sylvin Dias

    I would rather recommend to go for a stand which actually lifts the entire laptop so that it’s easier for you to use an external keyboard because this can be adjusted only to a certain height and might not always be ergonomic for you. Though overall a pretty decent product

  6. Kindle

    A light weight and sturdy laptop stand at 700 INR mark, best coupled with additional Bluetooth mouse and keyboards from Amkette. Typing through laptop keyboard may result in wobbling of laptop screen if screen is light weight. For a 5’10” ft guy, if you are working near to laptop without external mouse and Kb it might still be inconvenient and nit upright. I had to prop it up with a diary to get to a good level.

  7. Kalys

    Overall a Good quality product, addressing two major issues 1) Heat 2) Sitting posture, worth buying.But if you are using Mac, the grip rubbers not helping so the laptop slides down to the edges so while closing the laptop be careful else it may damage the display. 

  8. rupesh patil

    it is very useful product for laptop. using it for 15.9 inch laptop, laptop get proper breathing space. vents are on perfect place to get out heat from laptop, tried n tested, this stand should get 5 star but there is one rubber pad is missing. quality check should happen so please check that. thanks to Amazon and Amkette. 

  9. prabhuraj

    It is good for 14-inch laptop. It is made of plastic. But it can withstand the weight of the laptop.

  10. Chandan

    A decent product to improve the angle of your PCs, but do not expect much from this. It only lifts to a limited height.Overall easy to use and yes it does make a little difference while using the laptop while working from home.Ideal for 13-14 inch laptops.

  11. Bibekjyoti De

    Perfect. This is exactly what I was looking for. A pair of cooling fan could have been interested as an extra feature. But that’s fine as the laptop is not getting heated due to enough ventilation at the bottom. I can type easily keeping laptop on this. 

  12. Rinav

    Product is good although shaky at the hinges where the proper height is selected. The silicon pads have a good grip for my laptop although if bottom surface of laptop varies in material, the laptop can slip. Still the bottom grill holds the laptop.

  13. Monica

    Absolutely worth the money, does the job perfectly. Had neck pain working from home, got a table mate from Amazon, still the height difference in the chair did not help ease the pain. Got this product to use on the table, for my laptop. It’s much comfortable to work now.Update: got another one to gift my friend now. Loved it


    The vertical portion of the edge of the base supporting the laptop could have been slightly higher / modified suitably, to guard better, against sliding of the laptop placed on the slope. Now, the lap top has to be very carefully opened, after placing on the slope. Anti slip silicon pads are not found to be that effective, as the designer conceives.

  15. Alok V.

    This stand has 7 levels. It holds a laptop really well even on the highest setting. It is light weight and has a simplistic design. It helps to maintain proper position while typing and you don’t have to bend forward while working. The elevation helps in better air flow and cooling. My laptop used to heat up a lot while working but now heating is significantly reduced. Very good stand at this price.Amkette is an Indian Company.

  16. Anil Tiwari

    This is great for our Sitting posture, even it’s made of plastic then also it perfectly balances my lappy and its not a cheap quality plastic is a Hard a Strong plastic which can easily hold your laptop everything in it is great it has 7 levels of adjustment and you can adjust the stand according to your comfort.I ordered this stand and it came after 2 days only it was a very fast service of amazon I received it easily this product is great. From the uploaded images you can see that how the product actually looks. Thanks to Amkette for making this product and also to Amazon for delivering this so early.

  17. Sidharth K Pillai

    This is one such review hat I have wrote in a while because this is wrote just after 2 days of purchase, and I usually forge to write one later. I chose to write this because of confidence in it and as a gratitude for the help I get from sincere reviews.Main positives points are1. Seems best for laptops that are up to 14.5 inch as my lap (14.5) is just fit. It seems confident to support even larger models since the design provides the model with good shake less and non slipping base support.(Noe the purpose of base raisers in your laptop is to provide a base height for cooling purpose. Since here it is getting raised with a back support that is having slots for air circulation, this works fine without issue for any laptop sizes)2. Height rise (min and Max) is in optimum range as most tables are having about the same height. It is enough for most situations when raising the display to eye level is he main aim.3. Also the height adjuster seems to be strong and sturdy that will “reduce the chance of accidents” making it the best in serving its purpose. There are mainly ‘4’ major level of adjustments(not ‘6’ as two to the top seem to be like a fine adjustment only) (also not sure of the specific values, but as I said, most table tops have the same height and this height adjustment is enough to adjust to ones needs).Cons:.1. Actually a simple minimum height adjuster could have been provided to increase its application without much redesign, but still main purpose will be mostly to raise to a standard height range which it servesNote: If you are not a person who types a lot (seriously ‘a lot’, then this is useful as the keyboard get slanted increasing visibility of keys). However here my Con comes to reflect, if there was a minimum height adjustment as well. the people with for long continuous hours of typing need and wanting to get the feel of slanted keyboard would have found it useful as well making the product much versatile

  18. Pankaj Jangid

    it’s light weight and compact. It can be easily carried along with a laptop in the laptop bag.

  19. Sonali

    This is a fabulous product and exactly what I needed for my laptop. I use it to get the screen of my laptop to the perfect height for me while I work on my table. The angle of the keypad allows me to type easily and I’m able to easily put it in my bag or stow it away when I’m not using it. It’s really sturdy and light weight and easy to carry because of the handle provided as part of the base design. It also keeps my laptop ventilated.

  20. Rajul Desai, Surat

    I bought it for ₹628/- the product is good & very useful. I will give a 5-star rating to this amazing product

  21. Paul

    Wonderful product and Reasonably priced. I was amazed to see how sturdy it is while comparatively a very light one than any other laptop stand that I had come across. Tried it with a heavy laptop and it holds every one of them perfectly well. Simplistic and excellent quality plastic material. No wobbling at all whatsoever. Definitely made my workstation ergonomics better with its 7 step height adjustment.Due to the position of the touchpad I had to keep a laptop towards the right and this laptop stand is unbelievably still holding it perfectly (Photo attached).I trusted the brand Amkette long time ago as they made great products then. Still keeping up with the excellent quality !!! Thank you very much Amkette and I wish you bring in more products like these to the market at reasonable prices.Thanks to Amazon for a great delivery experience. 

  22. Dhananjay Arora

    Overall , the ventilation should not be an issue as it has plenty of vents and the plastic does not get hot too quickly. The different adjustment levels hold the laptop in place sturdily.–Although the build quality of the plastic used feels good, it is important to note that aluminum has only been used in the foldable stand at the back and rest of the product is plastic. And the silicon tips are a good addition which do not let the laptop slip , they should have been fixed more sturdily on the body.–The levels of adjustment do help a lot in improving your posture. Everyone should get a laptop stand especially when working from home. In this product, there are 7 adjustment levels which makes it ergonomic . The height adjustment options should have been better, as the stand can feel slightly tall when placed on a bed table and it disturbs the eye level adjustment a bit. I still do not have a lot of complaints as it won’t disturb you much in normal use.To conclude, the Amkette laptop stand is a good option if you do not want to spend a lot of money on a stand and still want to opt for a reliable brand. It has small issues but that should not be a deal breaker. It basically does the job and looks fine . If you want something premium with more adjustment options and aluminum build , I recommend checking out other options in the market.Do vote helpful if this review could makes things clearer for you ! Thanks.

  23. Harish Nemade

    You can go for ut if you have SLIM laptops.I noticed that the Stand is good and comfortable for Slim Laptops, becuase slim lappy can be adjusted easily in this Stand.Whereas my Laptop is HP Elitebook 8540p which is somewhat Fat?, but then too the Stand is easy to use.You can go for it if you have Slim Laptops!!?

  24. Ravi Roy

    Pros:1. Nice ergonomic design.2. Sufficiently sturdy3. 7 levels of height adjustment4. Silicon pads for non-skidding of your laptop.5. Works for iPad as well as 15 inches laptop as well. (see photos)Cons:1. Feels a bit plasticky but then at this price point it is expected. Plastic is still of sufficiently good quality.2. Sturdy but you wouldn’t wanna sit on it accidentally. It will break.3. Don’t buy for greater than 15 inches laptops. 

  25. Vignesh

    Its purely made of plastic and it’s sturdy enough to hold your laptop. There are various adjustments mode but you won’t feel much differences between first and last( small adjustments between each mode).My requirement is for better laptop placement and it does the job perfectly.If you are looking for heat management then try something with cooling fan option but this one has sufficient holes in the back which allows air to go inside of it but if you looking specifically only for that I will ask you to check other products in this category with cooling fan.

  26. Vivek

    Item is reasonably sturdy and works well for a medium size laptop. Large laptops of 17 inch or greater screen sizes may need a bigger size alternative. Height adjustment options would suffice for different height requirement of users. Only improvement I would wish for is the lesser height of the foldable knobs in the front provided to protect laptop from slipping. It obstructs the hand while typing depending on how you type and I worked around that by keeping one knob closed. overall good value for money and a must have for anyone using laptop for long hours.

  27. samkit

    The stand is quite compact. Easily supports 15.6″ laptops. Can try larger laptops too. It does take some effort to open the stand though. Overall worth buying.

  28. Sujeet kumar

    Laptop standGreat product. Puts the laptop at a usable angle and the mesh frame permits the computer fans to work ok, Very glad I made this purchase.At the time Ineeded half of its functions for my ridiculous situation, no more. So unless you are bending over backwards to use your laptop buy this stand. Nice product 

  29. Kumar Gaurav

    This stand works very well for my setup. The ports on my laptop can be easily accessed, It actually comes in a smaller box than expected and once it’s opened its very easy to snap it together, I can happily say that it works! Not much else to say about it other than get this if you want to save yourself some future backpain. I highly recommend this product.

  30. Nidhi

    The cushion provided to hold the laptop(basically a doubleside tape kinda stuff) came off the second day, the rubber cushions below the stand, to make ot non skid came off in a week. Also the base keeps giving off some grey color on my white desk at office which can be wiped with a wet cloth, but obviously it’s not a great feeling to see that view.The cosmetics just was there for a week, now its just a normal plastic laptop stand. Does not stand bu the brand name, needed it desperately so couldn’t return and wait to order next, so just living with it till it survives.

  31. Sree Thej

    1) Amkette Ergo ViewPros:1) Ergonomic Design2) Gives a more acute angle of inclination, completely upon personal preference.3) Great material quality and Sturdy4) Looks and feels premium.Cons:1) Would definitely NOT recommend it if your laptop has vents at the back, such as MacBook or a MacBook Pro.2) The base of the laptop is bigger than the base of my MacBook Pro 15.6 inch, which covers up the vents at the back resulting in poor air circulation.3) Cannot lift the laptop and the stand simultaneously, where my work requires me to move from point A to Point B. This is a major inconvenience.If your work doesn’t require moving from one place to the other frequently and mostly stationary at a constant place. this is the go to laptop stand or else look for Portronics My Buddy Hexa 22 POR-11572) Portronics My Buddy Hexa 22 POR-1157Pros:1) Can lift both the laptop and the stand at one go, many laptop stands doesn’t let you pick up the laptop and stand simultaneously. Thanks to the rotational base. My work needs me to move from one place to the other frequently so this helps alot.2) Great air circulation, irrespective of vents being at the back of the laptop or at the bottom.3) Has a rotational base, where the stand can be rotated 360 degrees. Helps a lot with my workCons:1) Poor Material Quality – Sturdy as hell but could have used better materials. Justified for the price2) Feels Cheaper – Can be justified for the price.3) Gives a more obtuse angle of inclination, well that completely depends upon your height and to the ratio of height to the table’s height. Works well for me.4) MacBook Pro Lid doesn’t close well when additional supports at the bottom are open. Minor inconvenience depends on laptop to laptopI wish Portronics came up with a premier version of the same design with better material. Tried 3 laptop stands in the few weeks, this is by far the best laptop stand for my needs.3) ZEBRONICS Zeb-NS2000 – Would not recommend but here you goPros:1) Portable – Slim – Compact2) Sturdy3) Looks and Feels premium4) Full Metal body constructionCons:1) 5 Step process from placing laptop on to the stand2) My work requires me to move frequently from one place to the other, so this is doesn’t work with me at all3) The overall convenience is minimised adding additional burden to work.If you work at a stationary point, where you need not move a lot, I would definitely recommend this but I don’t see a point of portability then. Would suggest Amkette Ergo View or Portronics My Buddy Hexa 22 POR-1157.

  32. Aakash

    Since the beginning of lockdown due to the current pandemic situation, in my opinion, we all are experiencing challenges in some shape or form while working from home. My life became a lot easier though when I bought a conference speakerphone to attend back to back calls. However, one challenge still remained and it was about how to get my laptop to perform at an optimum level and get maximum juice out of it. With the amount of time spent on my machine and heating issues, even if it was designed to easily handle heavy applications, constant use of it could adversely impact its battery lifespan and overall longevity. So, first I did my research on what exactly could cause heating issues for my Macbook and I found out that one of the most common causes of overheating is when the fan doesn’t operate normally. This may be due to dust and grime clogging up the fan, preventing it from rotating properly. It’s also possible that the air vents are being blocked, preventing air from flowing into the laptop. In my case, I used to always place my laptop on my trifold mattress with a fairly good height which I had converted into a spongy desk of sorts. While this arrangement worked well for most of the items I placed on my creative desk, it overheated my laptop to the extent of almost causing a palm burn when I touched it and it naturally caused the laptop battery to drain faster. Next, I had to start doing my research on ideas to keep my laptop cool at all times. Most websites recommended buying Laptop cooling pads, laptop coolers, sturdy fan structure, laptop stands and of course I came across an advice to not ever use a laptop in bed or on a mattress (hard or soft) for an extended period. Out of all the above options, I decided to go ahead with this stand as it was inexpensive and the reviews were really good. Once it arrived, I had a good look at the product, was impressed by its ergonomic design and simplicity to use it. As you can see in the images attached, I have adjusted the laptop height as per my suitability and requirements providing me a perfect field of view. Now, let me skip to the most important part i.e. the usefulness and the promise of this product. Being the kind of inexpensive product this is, I honestly didn’t expect it to provide my laptop the kind of air ventilation it has provided so far. My laptop has stopped heating and it is safe to say that the machine is adequately exposed to the air allowing most of it to flow back into the machine. This stand has really enhanced my laptop’s performance, has improved the battery life too and to top it all, it looks super cool. Also, please ignore some of the reviews where the product has been criticized for being smaller compared to the size of 16 inch laptop. The size of the stand is just perfect as I’m using this for my Macbook pro 16 and I haven’t experienced any issues with the laptop slipping off of the top surface. Overall, my WFH experience has got better and I highly recommend it to anyone faced with laptop heating issues in order to eliminate them once and for all. 

  33. Justin Xavier

    I was not expecting it to be great! But it turned about to be a very positive experience with this purchase. Works like a charm. Very sturdy. Easily takes the load of my 15 inch Dell Laptop. Good rubber pads and stoppers to stop the laptop from slipping and sliding! So a big Thumbs up! Also super light! and great quality! If you are looking for a laptop stand, Look no further.! This is brilliant!

  34. Sandeep Jain

    The price is neither cheap nor expensive for the quality you get. But yes this is very helpful for you back

  35. The Viking

    As I am WFH during this pandemic, I needed a laptop stand which offered different angles for positioning the laptop. This served my purpose. There are 7 positions to tilt the tray and it comes with non slip rubber contacts (although i found they were not of much use). There is a small protrusion at the bottom, which helps keep the laptop in place when you are working.It is much smaller than a 15″ laptop and my laptop tends to extend about an inch on both sides. Material is plastic, and does not feel very strong. Would not recommend this for heavier laptops. Also, for the quality, felt this was a bit overpriced.

  36. Anmol Singh

    Pros1. Sturdy2. Multiple angles to switch between3. In several ways, lessened my benign vertigo problem so I did not suddenly find my head spinning from reading atrociious code (mostly my own making though)4. Reduced strain on wrist (from all that banging on the keyboard)5. There are very AmazonBasics products I have purchased. But this one stands out as one of the better purchase decisions6. Heat emanation is no longer as much as a problem as it was earlier when it felt like I was mistakenly using a red hot pan to type instead of a keyboard – especially with the October heat

  37. Nitin K Sasidharan

    Amkette: The brand value made me to buy it.Material quality: 5 starsFunctionality: 5 starsPricing: even if you give it for free, the demand may be for two. So no comments on that.Apt for my ThinkpadNot recommended for 17 inch laptopI have other types of laptop stands; fixed and adjustable onesThe key aspect for me was the ease of typing with no hindrance. The provision of silicon pads at key points is admirable.Provision to lock the adjustable flap (becomes wafer thin) was a good move.Not a rocket technology to evaluate different type of stands. Go for the one that suits you.This one meets my requirements hands down.Thanks Amazon!

  38. Ashish Anand

    Its Hard! Looks Quite Durable. Packing Was Amazing. For 14″ Laptop It Would Be Perfect Ok Till 15″ Beyond That Not Recommended! Coming To Quality 5/5. 7 Adjustable Levels and It Got Soft Grips Which Will Save Your Laptop From Scratches and Also Base Rubber Grips Are Good! #Amkette 1 Year Warranty ❤️. Go For It If You Are Looking For a Durable Laptop Stand.

  39. suvendu halder

    I have spent a lot of time trying to find a suitable laptop stand (to raise the screen height) without spending an arm and leg.Why i chose Amkette: Have used some earlier products of theirs and found some little innovations which make the product very usable.This stand is made of plastic, raises my laptop to eye height and the little rest to keep the laptop in place is non-obtrusive. (I use a 14″ Dell). For thicker laptops, there are 2 retractable rests.I am working on a wooden table with a cloth cover. Grip is fine.Of course, I am not moving/closing it frequently.Overall pretty good. I had ordered 2 but only one was delivered. Anyway, Amazon has been very prompt to correct that. Hope to get it in another week.Certainly recommended.

  40. Vineet

    Received the product today. The packaging was excellent. The product’s first impression is awesome. Sturdy plastic used which can weigh my 14-inch laptop quite easily and comfortably. It has 7 levels, depending on your requirement but for me, one level was more than enough. I hope this product comes for a long duration.***Review after 7 days***After 7 days of putting the product to test for a continuous 9 hours per day of my work time, I haven’t noticed any issues. The fans run without any noise that can hamper your work during calls.

  41. Ankit Rana

    This is my first laptop stand and I have used this for almost a weak now. Product is fine and plastic body makes it light. Only little issue I feel is about the glue used on the pads. It is not that strong few of the pads came out while installing the stand. But it sticked them back again. So not really a big issue. Pricing could be made a little better as I feel that it’s pretty high.

  42. Umesh Raj

    Re-writing Review after 1.5 years of complete use. This product is really sturdy and awesome. The built quality is really good and I never had any problem using it evwr since I bought it. I have an HP Foloi 4th Generation 14″ business laptop and it seats very well on it, I have another another laptop Dell Latitude 5410 14″ and that too seats very well on this. It holds the laptop very well and using it at different angels makes it ergonomic.Its a good buy, you can definitely go for it.

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