A Charger To Ensure A Safer, Faster And Secure Charging Experience ChargePro 20W Charger

A Charger To Ensure A Safer, Faster And Secure Charging Experience ChargePro 20W Charger

Smartphones play a really big role nowadays in our life. From handling important calls to meetings or just casually scrolling through social media, our day is incomplete without them. And also they help boost our productivity as well. So it is important for us to take care of it. Especially when it comes to charging the phone.

There have been a lot of arguments when it comes to charging your phone with any charger. But it is always recommended to charge your phone with the proper charger that has the Amp reading that is required for your phone to charge it properly and keep it safe as well.

There is one way to charge your phone wirelessly but not all phone supports wireless charging, and also wireless charging is slower than wired one. And if we talk about charging speeds most phones support faster charging nowadays but have different technologies. So after digging a bit deep into that topic we have come up with a charger that has been universally compatible, faster, and safe to charge your phone. The ChargePro 20W QC+PD charger provides a steady and reliable current flow to keep your phone safe and battery healthy.

Advanced Technology

The ChargePro charger is made with the most advanced technology that is available and is being supported by most smartphones. It provides 2 ports, a full-size USB A for PD 3.0 and a USB Type C for QC 3.0. Which covers most of the smartphones fast charging technology whether it’s an IOS device or an Android.

Wide Compatibility

With such advanced technology this charger support almost all devices from Apple to any android device which has PD or QC charging standards. This also includes all the charging tech from different smartphone brands like Samsung, Motorola, Asus, etc. 

Durable and Secure

Made with Fire Retardant Polycarbonate it is one of the most durable charger available and also with charging protection like Over current, Over Voltage, and Short Circuit protection giving you the most secure charging experience and keeping your precious smartphone safe. Also while making this charger we ensured that your battery health won’t be affected.

With all these advanced technological enhancements, we have made this charger in order to charge your phone faster but in a safer and more reliable way that it won’t affect the battery life or performance of your phone.

We understand the importance of smartphones, and that’s why we keep on pushing ourselves to make new products like a phone holder which help boost your productivity and help you multitask at the same time.

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