10 Reasons Why Smartphone Gaming is Good For You

10 Reasons Why Smartphone Gaming is Good For You

Do we play games just as a mode of refreshment or does it actually serve any better purpose in our lives? Well, you can actually read this post and feel better while you play another game on your smartphone!

1. Improves focus

When you’re playing games, sometimes you are so engrossed in it that you don’t even take in the sounds around you. Applied to real life, if you’re ever stuck at work with your colleagues screaming or sitting in class with people gossiping, you can continue with your task. Gaming thus, helps you build your focus and you can stick to one thing at a time.

2. It helps better your concentration

It need not be a Sudoku or chess. Even games like candy crush, often deemed silly, can actually help you improve your concentration. Well, while playing the game, all your attention is on the game. A single distraction might mean the difference between moving on to level 33 or staying at level 32. There’s just no room for distractions and it helps build your concentration.

3. It teaches you to plan better

Gaming isn’t all about time pass and taking chances. Each move in a game has to be planned carefully and keeping the next step in mind. One wrong move and it could change the stakes completely. Thus gaming can teach you how to plan and strategically lead your life keeping the future and past actions in mind.

4. You learn the meaning of determination

Can’t get through a level? What do you do? Definitely don’t give up on the game! You take a break, think up of new ways to beat the computer/phone and get back to it till you don’t clear the level. There are times you go and hunt for hacks online. Applied to the real world, games teach you not to quit and continue on in life. Take a break and mull over the problem, ask your friends for hacks… but don’t give up.

5. They teach you how to be patient

You don’t always win at the first go. And with modern phone games, you generally get limited lives or chances to clear a level. The time you then wait till you stock up on lives again. You need to be patient and wait till you can play once more.

6. Games teach you how to interact with others

Most people complain that gaming makes you a recluse and you cannot interact well socially. That is not always true for smartphone games. There are many games that are group games and you play these in a group, meeting new people online and striking friendships. They are virtual friendships, we agree but sometimes these friendships can turn into real friendships too and teach you social skills.

7. The ups and downs in the game sometimes help you handle life better

The biggest thing gaming teaches you is that it is never a smooth ride. There are always ups and downs in life. Sometimes, you get through a level or problem with no struggle and sometimes, what looks like a cakewalk takes you days to clear. Life is a lot like your games. There’s just no easy way out.

8. Video games sometimes make you smarter

When you try to navigate a game, you are consciously thinking of strategies and planning tricks on how to clear it. The brain is not dormant but is actively being used.  Strategizing and planning can make you smarter in real life too and teach you how to deal with different situations differently.

9. Gaming can actually improve your observation

When you are gaming, you are paying attention to multiple elements and characters on your screen. You need to observe every aspect and then react accordingly. You learn to pay attention to details and somehow become more observant even in real life. For example, in a warfare game, you cannot just look at one person or one enemy but the entire field area. It helps you observe clearly.

10. Your reflexes also improve

With gaming, there’s a lot going on at once and you need to sometimes be very quick and reflexive. The way you react in a smartphone game, within seconds, sometimes help in real life too. You become more attuned to your surroundings and as you are more observant, in turn, reflexes and actions improve dramatically.

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