5 Reasons to Upgrade to the Boomer Soundbar Pro for Smartphone Sound

5 Reasons to Upgrade to the Boomer Soundbar Pro for Smartphone Sound

We all very much aware that the tiny speakers on our smartphones are now tinier than a dot! They’re weaker than tea without ginger. You deserve an audio experience with more power, not lackluster sound.

The solution to our impossible smartphone speakers is here - the Boomer Compact Soundbar Pro 16W. This small soundbar is packed with powerful sound to pump up your movies, music and more.

Let's break down the top 5 features of this total value-for-money product. 

First up is the 16W powerful output. Don't let the compact size fool you, the Pro 16W is a giant dragon in a little box! It delivers room-filling, waterfall-like sound thanks to its integrated subwoofer and two drivers. We're talking sound that's louder than your Dad watching cricket highlights. You'll hear every violin string and guitar riff with utmost clarity that will make your neighbors knock on the door thinking you're hosting a lively gathering.

With 16 watts of power, you can crank up the volume like drummers at a vibrant wedding. The sound is deeper than clay pots still used today. You'll hear bass that beats harder than drums on Holi. Simply put, no need to strain your ears anymore - the Boomer Soundbar Pro 16W delivers audio that's crystal clear.  

Moving on, the design is slim and sleek just like you wish you could be after one too many desserts. Don't judge this soundbar by its size - it's a pocket rocket that packs a punch. The compact size takes up minimal space on your shelf or table. It won't look out of place either - the matt black finish blends in elegantly with any decor.

You can easily carry it around the house like a portable bag. Its small dimensions mean you can slyly hide it from pesky younger cousins when they visit. No more tacky wires or annoying installations. Just connect to your smartphone and start rocking. The LED display adds to the modern look while also giving essential playback updates.

When it comes to connectivity, the Boomer Soundbar Pro 16W is like that one extroverted friend in your group. It has more connectivity options than your typical family has cousins!

Choose from wireless Bluetooth to connect seamlessly with your phone. Or use the provided aux cable which is longer than the queue at your local tea stall. Plug in a USB drive or SD card to directly play tunes, just like passing around a mixtape with that cute someone who caught your eye. There's also built-in FM radio to access local stations.

In short, connect however you want - this versatile soundbar obliges like a newlywed bride. Whether it's your curated playlist or favorite radio program, just hook it up for an audio experience that's fantastic. 

Now onto what really makes the Soundbar Pro 16W stand out - its sleek remote control. It's compact and light like a wafer biscuit, but loaded with features. Just like a star student, it's small but mighty!

The remote lets you conveniently control volume, playback, bass, treble and EQ modes. Switch from powerful sound to softer listening at the tap of a button. You can manage everything without leaving your chair, just like Dad enjoys his evening drink. No need to fiddle around with controls on the unit. The remote handles it faster than gossip spreads! 

Finally, charging this nifty soundbar is faster than your morning tea break. The USB-C port ensures lightening fast charging so you can enjoy non-stop playback. And the battery life is longer than the movie queue on a new release.

A quick 20 minute charge powers the soundbar for up to 5 hours - enough to get you through a cricket match. And a full charge lasts over 8 hours, letting you host late night gatherings with friends that turn into all night tales.

So bid farewell to your phone's pathetic speakers and upgrade to the Boomer Soundbar Pro 16W for a fantastic audio experience. Its compact size paired with powerful sound, smart remote and fast charging give you an unmatched combo. Don't waste time watching videos on mute! Bring the real laughter and enjoyment back by hearing every tune, dialogue, and moment with utmost clarity and depth. Let your neighbors know the party is at your place with sound that spares no detail. The music is calling...will you answer?


Here are 5 concise FAQs for the Boomer Soundbar Pro 16W blog post:

  1. How does the Boomer Soundbar Pro connect to my smartphone?

The soundbar connects to smartphones via Bluetooth or aux cable for wireless or wired playback.

  1. What is the battery life of the Boomer Soundbar Pro? 

It provides up to 8 hours of playback on a full charge and 5 hours on a 20 minute quick charge.

  1. Does the Boomer Soundbar Pro come with a remote control?

Yes, it comes with a compact remote to adjust volume, playback, EQ modes, and bass/treble.

  1. How loud does the Boomer Soundbar Pro get?

With 16W power output, integrated subwoofer, and dual drivers, it delivers room-filling, powerful sound.

  1. How portable is the Boomer Compact Soundbar Pro?

It has a slim, lightweight design for easy portability around the house or on the go.

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