Gaming Mouse VS Normal Mouse Which One Should You Pick?

Gaming Mouse VS Normal Mouse Which One Should You Pick?

For many years! People are confused when it comes to buying a mouse specifically if you want it for gaming. But the real question is, Is there a real difference between a Gaming mouse and a normal mouse? Or all we see about the gaming mouse are just a marketing hoax.

If you’re confused as well then come join us on this journey where we will gonna explore the actual key highlights and help you understand the real difference between a gaming mouse and a normal mouse. And try to help you make an informed decision before buying.

What are we waiting for then, Let’s get started?

Let’s discuss some of the points that make a gaming mouse stand out when compared to a normal mouse.


DPI means dot per inch which in simple terms means how sensitive your mouse is. Typically a normal mouse has an average of 1500 max DPI. But when it comes to gaming mice they can go as high as 16000 DPI.

But do you actually need to have such a high level of DPI or does it makes a difference while playing games? Yes if you’re an Esports Player or a really passionate gamer then you will definitely appreciate the high DPI settings but for the most casual gamers out there it doesn’t matter that much. So the biggest and most valuable difference that makes gaming mice worthwhile is there high DPI settings that they offer.

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Polling Rate

This is another area where a gaming mouse is way superior to a normal mouse. Polling rate defines how often your mouse reports back about the movement or position change to your pc. That’s why it is important to have a high polling rate if your mouse can support a high DPI because that’s how it can only report your slight movements to your PC. This comes also in favor of gaming mice as they support a way higher polling rate than a normal mouse.

Design and Comfort

 As for design and comfort, it depends on the mouse and your personal preference. Some gaming mouse takes an ergonomic approach while some just ditch that away to look different. So before making any decision read some reviews about the one you are looking to buy. As for the normal mouse, they are most comfortable to hold because they take a more traditional approach.


In terms of extra functionality gaming mouse again beats the normal mouse because most gaming mouse offers much more buttons for the user to customize. But it depends on the user if they want to take advantage of those extra buttons or not because most of the casual players just don’t care much about them.


Most gaming mouse gives its user some kind of customization like you can change the RBG lighting effects, or map those extra buttons to any key that you want to, etc. But as for a normal office mouse, you probably won’t be getting such fancy stuff.

So when it comes to choosing a mouse it totally depends on what purpose you want it for and if you’re choosing a gaming mouse then it depends if you’re going to take full advantage of it or not. But for most of us, a good mouse that is comfortable and has some sort of settings to toggle with is a perfect choice.

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