Amkette's Evo Remote CCTV Viewer: Your All-in-One CCTV Solution

The Evo Remote CCTV Viewer from Amkette is an innovative device that allows you to view and control CCTV security cameras from your Television/Monitor. With its easy connectivity options, preloaded apps, and powerful hardware, this gadget can transform any TV/Monitor into a CCTV monitoring and security solution.

Key Features of the Evo Remote CCTV Viewer

Connectivity - Easily connect up to 16 security cameras, with options for wired and wireless. View all camera feeds simultaneously.

Remote Access - View and control your CCTV feeds remotely from anywhere.

Powerful Hardware - Equipped with a Quad-core ARM Cortex-A55 CPU, 4GB RAM, and 32GB storage for smooth live viewing. It supports 4K HDR video output.

Preloaded Apps - Comes preloaded with Camera monitoring apps like Hik-Connect, Gcmob and EZVIZ. Apps such as YouTube, Netflix, Prime Video, and more are also available. Google Play Store & Aptoide TV allows you to download additional apps.

Intuitive Interface - A simple and user-friendly interface makes navigating between cameras, apps, and settings a breeze. It comes with a wireless mouse and HDMI Cable.

Build Solid For All-Time Surveillance -  The Evo Remote CCTV Viewer ensures continuous surveillance without interruptions for weeks. It is built to run for weeks without any hardware or software issues.

Let’s explore some practical Real-Life Experiences where our customers have benefited from our CCTV Remote Viewer in their daily lives.

Home Security and Monitoring

The Evo Remote CCTV Viewer shines as a home security and monitoring solution. Connect wired or wireless security cameras around your property and monitor all feeds directly on your TV/Monitor from anywhere. 

Mr. Rajesh approached us with an inquiry: He has 6 cameras around his home. He wants to monitor the activity of all those cameras from his study room but the range of the Digital Video Recorder (DVR) is limited to the security room only. We offered him our Evo Remote CCTV Viewer. After a successful setup, he got one of the best solutions for this problem. Mr.Rajesh can actively monitor all the activities around his house from his study room TV.

Restaurant Business Security

In a small business, retail shop, or restaurant, the Evo Remote CCTV Viewer allows you to set up a CCTV system effortlessly and cost-effectively. Place cameras at entry points, checkout counters, or any high-risk areas. The remote access feature allows you to view footage from anywhere if needed.

Mr. Mukesh came to us with a query: he owns 2 restaurants. He wants to monitor the sensitive/hazardous areas like the kitchen, cash counter, and dining area to prevent accidents in his 2nd restaurant from his office in the 1st restaurant. So we offered him the Evo Remote CCTV Viewer to monitor all the cameras from his 2nd restaurant. Now Mr. Mukesh monitors all the activities of both restaurants at the same place just by adding 1 extra monitor to the existing DVR setup. Evo Remote CCTV Viewer is built to run all day without any trouble.

With its preloaded Camera Apps, remote access, and powerful performance, the Amkette Evo Remote CCTV Viewer turns your TV or monitor into a central hub for camera monitoring. The uses mentioned above are just a subset of the capabilities this innovative device has to offer. So, enhance security and control in your home or business with the Evo Remote CCTV Viewer today.

Multiple Branch Security

In the context of a large business with multiple branches or offices, the Evo Remote CCTV Viewer enables you to establish a CCTV system for monitoring activities. You can position cameras at any branch or office, and the remote access feature allows you to view footage from anywhere when necessary.

Let us consider a query from Mr. Gopal, who owns an institute with 3 Branches in different locations far from his security office. He needs to monitor the activity from his office. There are 16 security cameras in each branch. Mr. Gopal was also looking for a solution to view all the Cameras from his house. He purchased 3 units of Evo Remote CCTV Viewers with 3 Monitors. And after the successful setup, he’s monitoring every branch’s activity from his home comfortably.