EVO PC Gamepad – Financial Express

EVO PC Gamepad – Financial Express

When you think of gaming, you normally picture a bunch of youngsters sitting in front of a big-screen TV, frantically jamming buttons on their controllers. Believe it or not—and various research reports have substantiated this fact—men and women are at the forefront too. This is because playing video games on your PC or mobile phone can relieve your stress and make you feel better. Not only that, they can help you forget all your troubles and just have fun.

However, in order to enjoy the games to their fullest, you need to have the right gaming apparatus, namely a good gaming console. Homegrown device maker Amkette has debuted a stylish device, called Amkette Evo PC Gamepad Elite, that promises to provide a seamless gaming experience. It is available for `2,299 (for wireless version) and `1,299 (for wired version).

The Evo PC Gamepad Elite offers 3-in-1 support for PCs, PS3s, mobile phones and tablets. Like most modern controllers, it supports Xinput and Dinput so that you can play thousands of games. X input and D input are different libraries for handling controller input. Most modern controllers support Xinput and Dinput. The Elite gamepad supports Windows XP, 7, 8 or 10 with both X input default and D input, and works equally well with steam big picture, Android devices and the PS3.

Moving further, the Elite gamepad has an innovative dual-vibration rumble effect that promises a realistic gaming experience. It is ultra-precise with an 8 way floating D-Pad. The device is ultra-flexible too; it supports Windows with both X input default and D input. What’s more, the Evo PC Gamepad Elite is ultra-durable and can withstand a fair amount of rough usage.

Switched on and connected to the PC, the Elite gamepad ensures precision for elite gamers. The precise positioning of directions and specific buttons results in near-absolute accuracy. With SenseFlow feature doing the heavy lifting, by seamlessly jumping frequencies to keep your bits flowing, you need to focus on how you will celebrate that next headshot and with 10 hours of battery life. Yes, your read it correctly; the wireless version of Elite gamepad works up to 10 hours on a single recharge with zero lag connectivity. The wired version is equipped with a micro USB for OTG supported mobile phone gaming, a multi-connector and a USB for PC gaming. With the Elite’s 400mAh polymer Lithium battery, you enjoy 10 hours of extended gameplay while its ergonomic design and anti-sweat matte finish take care of your palms as it is easy on your hands.

In summary, the Evo PC Gamepad Elite offers good comfort, build quality and ease of use. Take my word, this device is all you need to for a memorable evening with friends.