Evofox Gamebox Retro Games

Evofox Gamebox Retro Games

Retro games are an all-time favorite and bring in a lot of nostalgia. We have all grown up playing them and we know how much fun they can be.

Since these games are made for a different operating system, in order to play them on the game box we need to emulate their native environment so these games can be played on Android.

So in order to save all the complicated parts, the Evo fox game box has got an emulator called John nest, pre-installed and pre-configured to the controller.

There are already a large number of ROMs and games pre-installed on the game box, so one does not need to worry about setting it up.

It’s simply one-click access to the huge library of retro games. To set up other games that you remember from your childhood, you can read the guides that are available on the help icon. To play multiplayer games you can connect an additional game controller. A list of compatible game controllers is available in the help section.