EvoFox X Team Gaming combo, the ultimate gaming combo for you

EvoFox X Team Gaming combo, the ultimate gaming combo for you

You know, combos are great, they provide you a whole value and saves your time and effort. When it comes to gaming, gamers can be very choosy to pick their right equipment, and it is also very basic that for anyone to have the optimum gaming experience, it is essential to find the right keyboard and mouse for the gaming setup. By doing so, one can improve his/her overall gaming experience – and the all-important gameplay.

To save you from all the struggle of going through different keyboards and mouses and finding your right ones, we have made a combo made to make things pretty convenient and awesome for you. 

So let’s get started and let us tell you about the best gaming combo that you can get and improve your gaming experience drastically.

Let us introduce you to the EvoFox X-Team Gaming combo. This is one of the best-selling gaming combos and is very much loved by our users. The combo has everything you need for a perfect gaming experience, a durable gaming keyboard, and a programmable gaming mouse. Let’s dig a little bit deeper and let us tell you why the X-team is your ultimate gaming combo.

What makes X Team the Ultimate gaming combo?

When it comes to gaming accessories, they have to be aesthetically appealing, in order to give that gaming experience and vibe. The X-team very well focuses on this aspect and provides a very aesthetically appealing design and features. You must have heard the saying which goes like the first impression is the last impression, you will love the X-team in your first impression. Both the keyboard and mouse come with the Backlit Breathing light effect so that you can enjoy playing games even in dark conditions without any sweat. Leave behind your old regular keyboard and switch to the stylish gaming world.

We know the love of gamers for the RGB lights and that is why the Spirit mouse comes with 7 Color cycle breathing LED effects. It also comes with 6 Programmable buttons. Using the programmable software, you can play around with the settings and can reflect your own preferences.

The X Team combo is not only its looks and appearance but it is also very durable at the same time. You can use this combo for a long duration without any hassle. The Fireblade keyboard is a TKL keyboard having only 87 keys which makes it comparatively smaller in size when compared to a normal keyboard. So, if you want, you can travel with it as well, it’s very comfortable and lightweight to carry around. The same goes for the spirit Mouse, it’s a medium-sized ergonomic mouse. It has a comfortable in-hand feel and is very silent while making clicks.

Especially Made for Gamers

To ensure the best gaming experience, the Fireblade keyboard comes with 19 dedicated Anti-ghosting keys. These anti-ghosting keys come very handy when gameplay gets intense and you have to press many keys simultaneously. To know which keys are anti-ghosting keys, you can visit the product page by clicking here. With 10 million keystrokes for the Fireblade keyboard and 5 million switch strokes for the spirit mouse, can use the X-team combo for a long duration without any problem.

We know the wired accessories have a chance of getting damaged over the period of time due to wear and tear. But you don’t have to worry about that as the X team has braided top-quality cable which is more durable and an EMI suppressor for better data transmission and connectivity. Some other features also include up to 3200 DPI sensor (spirit mouse) and 1000Hz polling rate (spirit mouse).

Now coming to the most important and attractive part of this gaming combo, which is its price. The EvoFox X-Team Gaming Fireblade keyboard and Spirit Mouse Combo are priced only at 1,349, which makes it one of the best gaming combos under 1,500 and your ultimate gaming combo.

With all that said, now you know the best gaming combo for yourself and you are smart enough to choose what is worth your money. We trust you with your decision and we will catch you in the next one.

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