Ultimate Guide To Choose Between The EvoFox Katana And Katana Pro TKL Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

Ultimate Guide To Choose Between The EvoFox Katana And Katana Pro TKL Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

Should I choose this? Or should I choose that?

When it comes to choosing between two of your favourite things then it’s always confusing to choose which one I like the most. Or which one should I opt for?

Let’s consider an example. Imagine you’re at your favourite restaurant after a while and have to choose between two of your favourite dishes. How would you choose? On the basis of reviews? Nah!

How about on the basis of taste? Now that’s something you can consider. But don’t you like the taste of both of them that’s why they are your favourite dishes?

Ah! Confusing right? Well at this time you can ask for yourself. What exactly do you want to eat. That’s how you can make the best choice for yourself. You know the same thing happens with us while choosing our favourite accessories, especially for gaming.

Making a perfect decision is hard in some situations as we have discussed above especially when you have to choose between two ultimate gaming keyboards the EvoFox Katana Mechanical Gaming Keyboard and the EvoFox Katana Pro TKL Mechanical Gaming Keyboard. They both are good and serve the same purpose. But they have their own specialities in some areas. Don’t worry! We’re here to help you choose the best for you.

Let’s discuss some key differences and help you understand and make an informed decision before buying one.

Types Of Switches Used

Both the keyboard EvoFox Katana and EvoFox Katana pro have amazing keys but the main area of difference is the switches. The Katana comes with clicky blue switches whereas the Katana Pro comes with red switches which are silent. Both the keyboards are fast, responsive and accurate but if you want that clicky sound then you should opt for Katana or else for silent switches Katana Pro is the better choice.

Form Factor

If you own a desk with lesser space and need a keyboard which has a smaller footprint then you should check out the Katana pro-TKL keyboard. As the name suggests it comes with a TKL (Ten Key Less) design which helps in saving space. It is not a big difference from its predecessor the Katana but for some who need more space, it can make a difference.

Software And Programmable Keys

Both the keyboards the Katana and the Katana Pro come with powerful software that allows you to customize them however you want. From the light effects to creating macros. The only difference is the game modes. The katana pro has 4 different game modes to choose from that cover most gaming genres. But they both are amazing when it comes to gaming.


Both keyboards are tested and verified with over 50 million keystrokes. And also for the key letters, all the keys are Non-Erasable Double injection moulded keys which are really more durable than the normal ones.

These are some of the main key differences between these two keyboards. But if we talk about some of the highlights that are the same in both of them then they are- Anti Ghosting keys, 16 million RBG but different effects, long braided cable, Full Software support etc.

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