EvoFox Katana Pro TKL Mechanical Keyboard- A New Way To Immerse Yourself IN Game

EvoFox Katana Pro TKL Mechanical Keyboard- A New Way To Immerse Yourself IN Game

Gaming is considered the most preferred way of entertainment nowadays. Gaming connects us to people all across the world and helps us discover and make communities with people who have similar interests like us. That’s the reason why the gaming industry is considered to be one of the fastest-growing industries.

Not long ago, we came up with the Katana Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Which had cutting-edge technology and features to slice away your opponents. Now it’s time for Katana’s Bro, err, Katana Pro. We took everything which was best in katana and made it even better in the Katana Pro.

The all-new EvoFox Katana Pro TKL Mechanical Keyboard. A hand-crafted piece of art that delivers immersive performance, insane durability, and a crazy level of customization. With Outemu red switches, you can enjoy a silent yet most amazing competitive-level gaming experience. Also, the Katana Pro comes with all-new software that provides a crazy level of customization options from marking a key to do a specific function, to custom gaming presets, you can control it all by yourself. It is just insane when you see all that in action.

So as you are all hyped up about the craziness of this keyboard then, let’s dig a little deeper into this successor of the Katana and see what it has to offer to make your gaming experience top-notch.

Red Switches With 50 Million Keystrokes

So the EvoFox Katana Pro TKL Mechanical Gaming Keyboard has the red switches which are silent in nature but are really responsive when it comes to lowering your response time in the game which really makes a big difference if you’re playing a competitive multiplayer shooter. Not just that but the keys themselves are really durable and long-lasting with over 50 million keystrokes tested and trusted. 

Powerful Software

The Katana Pro also has powerful and intuitive software that lets you customize your keyboard the way you want it. For example, you can set multiple profiles for different games that you enjoy playing. Let’s say you want to play an FPS shooter game, you can name a profile as FPS and set the game mode to FPS which basically is a predefined preset. Which helps enhance your gaming experience and gives you an overall immersive feel. And not just that you can also do PER KEY customization with the software. Now that’s something that is rare to find in affordable mechanical keyboards.

Non-Erasable Double Injection Molded Keys

With no printed letters on keycaps, they won’t get erased at all. With double injection technology, the letters are imprinted on the keycaps which makes them impossible to be erased with time. And also it helps illuminate the keys more as it depicts a translucent effect on the keycaps. And also the keycaps themselves are made of hard ABS polycarbonate which is harder and more durable when it comes to lasting long.

RGB Lighting With 16 Lighting Effects

The EvoFox Katana Pro TKL Mechanical Keyboard has over 16 million colors which produce amazing lighting effects that really add up to your gaming experience. And also you can customize the effects with the help of the software. There are 16 predefined effects that you can choose from to make your gaming experience the way it should. And like I said before the per-key customization option also allows you to choose which key lights up with which color and at what time. Isn’t that awesome? 

This is not just it about the EvoFox Katana Pro. There are still a lot of things to uncover and explore about it. But experiencing it by yourself is the best way you can get an idea of how good and immersive the gaming experience you will be getting while playing on the EvoFox Katana Pro TKL mechanical keyboard. 

A one-line explanation of the Katana Pro will be ‘The best more durable yet the most interesting keyboard to choose from which delivers immense and immersive experience’. If you want to know more about it Click here

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