Unleash The Thrill Of The World Cup With These Amazing Gadgets

Unleash The Thrill Of The World Cup With These Amazing Gadgets

As soon as the festival of Diwali wrapped up the other festival for cricket fans also started. ICC T20 World Cup is here.

If we talk about cricket it’s not just a sport it’s an emotion for many of us. The excitement and thrill that it brings in are just incredible.

How can we forget the glorious victory in the first match against Pakistan that we had? All hail to our amazing players who put all their efforts in order to win the match and grab the trophy of the World Cup later. But the excitement and nail-biting thrill that the match brought us was insane. Like, consider we need 2 runs in the last 2 balls the pressure that players had was insane and so would all the fans felt that pressure. That is the beauty of this game. And that beauty would be doubled if you get the chance to enjoy watching matches with your family and friends. The boost of excitement would be doubled if our friends join. And if we have a good entertainment system at our home then it’s would be astonishing.

Let’s boost up your excitement even more with some quality products to enjoy the thrill of cricket at its fullest.

Amp Audacity 1000 Soundbar

The first gadget in our arsenal is the Amp Audacity 1000 Soundbar. This unique soundbar comes with a powerful 40 Watt True RMS speaker with a passive subwoofer to fulfill all your entertainment needs. It has dedicated EQ presets to choose from based on what content you’re watching, which adds up to your cricket-watching experience. Just sit back and enjoy your favorite game.

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Amp Air Budz X25 True Wireless Earphones

A lot of people like to enjoy watching cricket on their phones while traveling and getting a good TWS is the perfect way to enjoy it. But you need some good-sounding and lightweight TWS that can last long to cover up both innings. And one such TWS is the Amp Air Budz X25 True Wireless Earphones. These TWS are really light in weight and has a perfect and comfortable fit for most people which in turn means that you can wear them for hours without any ear fatigue. Also, the sound signature is exactly what you want. So it will be a perfect option if you want to watch cricket on your phone.

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Pocket Blast Bluetooth With FM Speaker

If you’re on an outing and want to watch your favorite teams rushing for the trophy on the ground then what can be the best option for you?

You can watch the match on your phone. But what if your phone has no signal? Then what?

We got you covered in that situation as well. The Pocket Blast Bluetooth Speaker is the best option for you in such situations. This Bluetooth speaker has FM functionality so you can listen to the commentary and feel the action of the cricket. If you’re thinking the if the speaker can last till the full match or not? Then you actually don’t have to worry about that either. The Pocket Blast Bluetooth Speakers come with a long-lasting battery that can easily last for hours so that you can stay entertained without any interruptions.

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Boomer Compact Bluetooth Soundbar Pro

Last but not least for home entertainment we have a really beautiful craved piece of art for you that sounds amazing and fulfilling and is also portable so that you can enjoy your favorite cricket match wherever you want to watch it. The Boomer Compact Bluetooth Soundbar Pro is a really amazing soundbar with best in class 10Watt speaker that produces amazing sound to feel the real thrill of a cricket match also the main highlight is that it supports Bluetooth which means you can listen to it from anywhere with any device that supports Bluetooth.

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These gadgets can really enhance your experience of watching your favorite sport which is cricket and really helps you feel the real thrill that comes along with it.

But this is not it, we have still a lot to uncover. So stay tuned with us and Click here to explore the whole lineup of lifestyle products.

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