Budge Into The New Year In Style

Budge Into The New Year In Style

We’re almost about to enter the new year. If we look back at the memories we made this year then it looks cheerful. There are a lot of ups and downs that we all faced in the past months, but still, we all moved on with a positive mindset that everything will be fine and better. Then let’s welcome this New Year with the same joy and excitement.

But, since we’re looking into this past year, let’s have a quick look at what we’ve accomplished this year. We’ve launched 25 products that cover a lot of different aspects, from Gaming to lifestyle, we deliver on every front. With great content creators covering our products you all made us Amazon’s best choice in the gaming industry.

With all this awesomeness that we have created this past year, let’s get a quick look at our top products that we think are the best and made our audience relive the joy of having those at these homes.

Amp Urban X9 Bluetooth Earphones

Enjoy your favorite holiday playlist with the Amp Urban X9 Bluetooth earphones. With its powerful 10mm drivers, you can enjoy every single beat of your songs to relive them to the fullest. A battery that lasts longer to fulfill your holiday musical vibes and a comfortable design that you can wear for hours are what make it the perfect Bluetooth earphone to grab this new year.

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EvoFox Elite Play Wireless Controller

As everyone is celebrating Christmas and New Year which means a lot us will be on vacation which is the perfect time to enjoy your favorite games either on the phone or a  console. If you’re looking for a controller for that then we got you covered with the EvoFox Elite Play Wireless Controller. It’s the best controller available to fulfill your gaming needs especially if you own an iPhone or IOS device. Elite play is the perfect controller for IOS devices. It works flawlessly with IOS. And it will help you enjoy all of the games to the fullest.

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Pocket Blast Bluetooth With FM

A full-time family entertainer that we have on our bucket list is the Pocket Blast Bluetooth Speaker with FM. The output from its powerful 6W speaker is soothing. With clear vocals and well-defined bass, it makes you get involved in your favorite songs even more. And the battery that can last for the whole of new year’s eve won’t let you stop jamming to your favorite music.

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EvoFox Katana Pro TKL Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

If you’re a die-hard gamer and want to game all this holiday season then we’ve got the best-ever gaming mechanical keyboard. The Katana Pro TKL Mechanical Gaming Keyboard got everything that you can ask for from a gaming keyboard. It has red silent switches that last way longer than you think off, and the best-in-class, RBG lighting effects will light up your games. The most highlighting feature of the Katana Pro Keyboard is the preloaded gaming modes. Choose between 4 different presets which are predefined according to the genre of game you’re playing. This is not just it, there are still a lot of things about this keyboard that are unique.

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Amp Airbudz X25 True Wireless Earphones

Let’s dive into the world of True Wireless Stereo or TWS. If you’re looking for a TWS to buy/gift this holiday season then what can be a better option than the Amp Airbudz X25 True Wireless Earphones. With crisp audio and Amp quick sync technology, it is really easy to connect to and the crisp and well-defined audio and give you an amazing music-listening experience. The Airbudz X25 comes with great battery life so it won’t interfere with your vibe.

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EvoFox Gamebox

A unique smart box that will take your TV-watching experience to a whole different level. The EvoFox Gamebox offers tons of games to play and also it comes with a lot of classic nostalgic games. Not just that you can enjoy your favorite OTT apps on this gamebox as well. It will turn your boring TV into a smart gaming console. Its powerful hardware can handle any game you through at it. It’s a full-time family entertainer which is perfect to look for during the holiday season.

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So this wraps up the list of gadgets that you can gift or can grab for yourself to enjoy the holiday season to the fullest.

But there is still a lot to uncover from us. Stay tuned for that we have a lot to reveal in the coming Year.

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