Wired Vs Wireless Mouse? Which one to go for? Let’s Find Out!

Wired Vs Wireless Mouse? Which one to go for? Let’s Find Out!

When it comes to choosing a mouse for your workspace or even for gaming then we’re very picky about everything. The Ergonomic Design is the most preferred factor that a lot of people consider. And the other factor that a lot of people are confused about is getting either a wired mouse or a wireless one.

Both the wired and wireless mouse are good and serves their purpose, but there are a few key differences that you need to consider before getting one for yourself.

Let’s get a quick look at what are the key differences between wired and wireless mice and which one can be a better choice for you.


The wireless mouse is highly mobile if compared to the wired ones as you just have to unplug the receiver and plug it into another gadget, just like the Hush Pro Spectra Silent Wireless Mouse just unplug and plug its 2.4hz adapter into a different machine and you’re good to go. But in the case of wired mice, you have to disconnect the cable and connect it again, which can be a hassle for some. A lot of people set up their PC in tight spaces which makes it highly inaccessible for them to change a wired mouse multiple times. And also it is easy to carry a wireless mouse as you don’t have to worry about the wires. The wire of a wired mouse can get damaged after a certain time due to wear and tear. So for mobility, a wireless mouse is definitely a great option.


A wired mouse is very responsive and if your work requires a lot of fast movements for example if you’re a heavy gamer then you will definitely appreciate a wired mouse like the EvoFox Shadow Gaming Mouse, it is a really responsive and ergonomic gaming mouse. That’s why most gamers prefer wired mice over wireless, And, not just that, wireless mice can run out of battery in between your gaming or work session, but of course, that’s not the case with a wired mouse. But it mostly depends on your work. Wireless mice are also really responsive nowadays as well as technology is advancing the wireless mouse are catching up with wired mice as well in terms of almost all aspects.

Accuracy And Precision

The wired mouse polling rate is more accurate than the wireless mouse, which means that it detects slight movements more precisely and reflects them on screen as there is no delay in transmitting the signal as with the case of the wireless mouse. So if your work requires more precise and accurate movements then a wired mouse is surely your preference. And if you want to experience accurate and precise movements then you should definitely check out the EvoFox Phantom Pro Gaming Mouse. But when it comes to being accurate the wireless mouse are not behind as well.

So these are the key highlighting points that you should keep in mind if you’re confused between these two categories. But honestly, it all depends on your work and preference, if work demands a portable mouse then surely a wireless mouse is a good choice, but for more accuracy, a wired mouse is a good choice. But you can surely opt for any one of those as per your liking.

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And to know more about such cool gadgets! Stay tuned with us.

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