Q1. How is this product different from watching the CCTV feed on the mobile phone? 

• This product is very different as this box enables you to set up a permanent always ON the second screen for your CCTV. This is done since we cannot keep the phone always On with the App. Also, this is a commercial grade box that is designed to withstand long hours of operation and has a specially designed heat-sink to enable long use.

Q2. Why should I use this product – I use a computer to do this? 

• The simple answer is that this solution is extremely cost-effective and does not require any licenses (Windows or other software that would be installed on the PC) This is also very small and can easily fit in a pocket making it portable to be installed/relocated to the desired location whenever required.

Q3. How easy is it to set up this device? 

Extremely easy to set up this device:

- Plug in the Power adapter, HDMI cable and the USB mouse receiver

- Connect the box to the internet using Wi-Fi or LAN – this can be done from the Settings app located in all apps

- Click on the pre-installed apps to set up your additional screen or log into the play store to download the app required for your DVR.

Q4. How many camera feeds (CCTV Cameras) can be seen in one go?

• Maximum 16 Cameras and up to 2 DVR supported.

Q5. What applications are supported on CCTV Viewer and what are the pre-installed apps?

• All well known CCTV Viewing applications are compatible with CCTV Viewer, the user has to download the app from the Playstore and put DVR credentials in to the app. 

There are number of pre-loaded CCTV apps available which are:

gCMOB, Hik-Connect, gDMSS, EZVIZ and more.