A Step By Step Guide To Map Keys

First you need to download the Shooting Plus V3 App from the PlayStore. Note - this only works on Android Smartphones since the app is not available in Apple's App Store.
In the Shooting Plus V3 app itself you can find list of Games with their presets, which would help in mapping keys faster.

Step 1 - Download the Shooting Plus V3 App from Google Play Store.

Step 2 - Press EvoFox Button + A Button to enter the key map mode on your controller. Then First LED will start blinking. This indicates that you are in Key Map Mode.

Step 3 - Now go to your Bluetooth Settings. Pair or add a new device. The device will be shown with it's respective device name like EvoFox Go which is being using in the video below. After parinig the light will stop blinking.

Step 4 - Now open the ShootingPlus V3 app. On the Homepage you can explore all the games preset.

Step 5 - Now open the game you want to setup the keymap for. Like we've used BMGI in the video. When in game press the ShootingPlus V3 icon to reveal all the buttons available to customise.

Step 6 - Go to more presets and select PUBG and download the preset.

Step 7 - Now press the ShootingPlus V3 app icon again and start mapping keys as per your convenience. Like shown in the video.

Note - You can adjust the camera and character movement sensitivity as well from the ShootingPlus V3 in build app.

Step 8 - Once you are done mapping, hit save to make the changes live.

Note - You can customize the buttons while you're in game.
Now you're all set to show off your skills. Practice hard and #PlayWithPower.