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Evo Gamepad Pro 4 for Android Smartphones

Play Practically Any Game
Zero Lag Connectivity
Instant Play for Android
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    Evo Gamepad Pro 4

    Take your mobile gaming to the next level with the Evo Gamepad Pro 4 - the ultimate controller for Android smartphones. Designed with ergonomic grips and responsive buttons, this gamepad offers unparalleled gaming comfort and precision.

    Instant Play Android Smartphones

    With instant Bluetooth pairing, you can connect to your phone and start playing your favorite games in seconds. No more waiting around or struggling with complicated setup - just turn on your gamepad and start gaming!

    Instant Play Android Smartphones

    Experience gaming like never before with the Evo Gamepad Pro 4's Native HID mode. This cutting-edge technology ensures seamless connectivity and unparalleled gaming performance.

    Play Your Favourite Games

    With support for over 400 games, the Gamepad has something for everyone. Whether you're into action, sports, or strategy games, you'll find a game that suits your style.

    Turn Your Mobile Into a Console

    Turn Your Mobile Into a Console

    • 1 Year Warranty

    • Free Shipping

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    Weight0.195 kg
    15 × 10.5 × 6 cm
    Playback Time12H
    Charging Time2-3 Hrs
    Operating Range10m
    High Quality ABS Plastic
    16 Actions Button
    Model NameEGP4
    1 Year Manufacturing Warranty


    Q What's In The Box

    • 1 Evo Gamepad Pro 4
    • Micro USB Cable
    • Quick Start Guide
    • User Manual

    Q. How to setup the Gamepad with the Phone?

    A. First time setup can be a little tricky, So please read all the guides, visit the blog, go to YouTube. If you need help – WhatsApp us. We are there to help you. Some suggestions: – Please keep the HOME button of your phone towards the right. – Aiming Control can take time to get used to – so Practice Hard! – But Moving, Jumping, Scoping, Shooting and more will set you apart. Just some of the advantages: – Running, Moving, Jumping etc is much better with a Joystick – You can Jump, Aim and Shoot at the same time – You can Move, Aim and Shoot at the same time – You can Peek, Aim and Shoot instantly and much much more! (Please Note: Sensitivity of the gamepad can be manually adjusted, according to your play style).

    Q. What is Instant Play Mode on Android?

    A. Instant Play lets you configure and play nearly any game – Instantly *Works with Snapdragon, Kirin, and Exynos. Play games like: BGMI, Free Fire, Mobile Legends and much much more.

    Q. Does it work with iPhones?

    A. No. The gamepad doesn’t support iOS devices.

    Q. What is HID / Native Mode on Android?

    A. If the game you want to play already has Native Game Controller support you can configure the Device accordingly. The Native / HID Mode works on ALL Android Phones. Does NOT working on iPhones. Play games like: Ashpalt 8 / 9, Minecraft, GTA Vice City, Limbo, 100’s more – Download the Evo Gamepad App from the Google Play Store for the full list.

    Q. What Games will work with the EVO Gamepad Pro 4 on my Device?

    A. For Android devices the Games which can be played in instant play mode is compatible. For Better Gaming experience and more Fames, Please download ‘Shootingplus V3’ App.

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