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Rule With Precision

EvoFox Elite Ops Wired Gamepad

Made for Android TVs, PC and PS3
Zero Lag Connectivity
2.4M High Quality Cable
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    EvoFox Elite Ops Wired Gamepad
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    Compatibility and Modes
    Supported Platforms: -PC (X-input & D-Input mode for Windows 7/8/10/11) -Android TV set/media box -PS3 Console
    Connectivity TypeWired
    Cable Length:2.4 meters
    Control Elements
    3D Potentiometer: Good quality 3D potentiometer -Triggers: 2 digital triggers -D-Pad: UP-DOWN-LEFT-RIGHT -Action Buttons: 4 action buttons (ABXY) with printing in Green/Red/Yellow/Blue. -Bumper Buttons: 2 bumper buttons (RB, LB) with engravings -Joystick/3D Buttons: 2 joystick/3D buttons -General Buttons: 5 buttons (Start, Select, Mode, Turbo, Clear)
    X Input Mode: Controller (Wireless X360-PC) -D Input Mode: USB Vibration Joystick (BM) -Android Mode: No specific name
    Vibration Motors
    Dual vibration motors
    Power Management
    Auto Shut-off: -1 minute when no connection -5 minutes when no activity
    Default Modes
    PC: X input default mode -Android and PS3: Plug and play
    LED Indicators Functionality
    PC X Input: L2 LED ON -PC D Input: Digital - L1 LED ON; Analog - L1 + L2 LEDs ON -PS3: As per PS3 assignment -Android: L2 + L3 LEDs ON
    Product Dimensions
    15.5 x 20.5 x 6.2 cm
    Product Weight222g
    Packaging Dimensions44 x 34.5 x 34 cm
    Gross Weight337g


    Q. What's in the box?

    • Gamepad
    • User Guide

    Q. Does the Elite Ops Wired Gamepad require any additional software for setup?

    A. No, the Elite Ops Wired Gamepad is a plug-and-play device for PC, Android TV, and PS3. No additional software installation is needed.

    Q. How to connect the EvoFox Elite Ops Wired Gamepad to any device?

    A. Plug the gamepad into your device using the provided 2.4-meter wired connection. Supports X-input and D-input modes for PC and is plug-and-play for Android and PS3.

    Q. Does the EvoFox Elite Ops Wired Gamepad support X and D input controls?

    A. Yes, it supports both X-input and D-input controls. X-input is preferred for modern games with Xbox-style controllers, while D-input offers compatibility with a wider range of older games and customizable settings.

    Q. Does the Elite Ops Wired Gamepad have vibration feedback?

    A. Yes, it is equipped with dual-vibration motors, providing tactile feedback to enhance the gaming experience.

    Q. What is the length of the cable provided with the Elite Ops Wired Gamepad?

    A. The gamepad comes with a durable 2.4-meter cable.

    Q. Are the triggers digital or analog?

    A. The triggers are digital, providing consistent and precise input for your gaming needs.

    Q. Does the Elite Ops Wired Gamepad have an auto shut-off feature?

    A. Yes, it includes an auto shut-off feature that activates after 1 minute of no connection and 5 minutes of inactivity.

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