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EvoFox Phantom Pro Gaming Mouse

Full Sized Ergonomic Mouse
RGB Lighting with 16 Million Colors
6400 DPI
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    EvoFox Phantom Pro Gaming Mouse

    7 Programmable Macros Buttons

    The EvoFox Phantom Pro Gaming Mouse has 7 programmable buttons, giving you the power to customize your gaming experience. Assign macros to the buttons to execute complex moves with a simple click

    Full-sized Ergonomic Gaming Mouse

    The full-sized ergonomic design of the Mouse is perfect for extended gaming sessions. Its comfortable grip reduces hand fatigue and prevents wrist strain, so you can keep playing for hours without discomfort.

    Full-sized Ergonomic Gaming Mouse

    The Gaming Mouse features Prism RGB Lighting, allowing you to set the mood and get into the game. Choose from a range of vibrant colors and effects to match your style and create an immersive gaming environment.

    Huano 10 Million Switch Strokes

    The EvoFox Phantom Pro Gaming Mouse is built to withstand high-intensity gaming. With Huano 10 Million Switch Strokes, you can be confident that your mouse will last for a long time and continue to deliver reliable performance.

    Dedicated Software Application

    Dedicated Software Application

    • 1 Year Warranty

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    Weight0.140 kg
    14.5 × 9 × 4.5 cm
    Operating System
    Windows 11/10/8.1/8/7, Linux, Ubuntu, Mac
    Hardware PlatformPC
    Design Style
    Full Sized Ergonomic Design
    DPIUpto 6400
    Polling Rate125Hz
    Programmable Buttons
    6400 DPI Sensor, Prism RGB lighting with 16 million colours, 7 Programmable Macros Buttons, Braided Cable with Magnetic Ring, Dedicated Software Application, Huano 10 Million Switch Strokes, Acceleration- 12g, Polling Rate- 125Hz, IPS- 32in/Sec, 1 Year Warranty
    Model Name
    Phantom Pro Gaming Mouse
    1 Year Manufacturing Warranty


    Q What's In The Box

    • 1 Evo Fox Phantom Pro Wired Gaming Mouse

    Q. What DPI levels are available on the EvoFox Phantom Pro Gaming Mouse?

    A. The EvoFox Phantom Pro Gaming Mouse offers 6 different DPI settings, ranging from 800 to 6400 DPI. This allows you to adjust the sensitivity of the mouse to suit your gaming needs.

    Q. Does the Phantom Pro Mouse support RGB lighting effects?

    A. Yes, the Phantom Pro features a stunning 16 million colors Prism RGB lighting system with various lighting modes and effects.

    Q. Is there any software support for customization?

    A. Absolutely! The EvoFox Phantom Pro Gaming Mouse comes with software support that allows you to customize the RGB lighting, set macros, and fine-tune other settings according to your gaming style and preferences.

    Q. Does the EvoFox Phantom Pro Gaming Mouse have additional buttons?

    A. The Phantom Pro offers 7 programmable buttons that you can customize to enhance your gaming experience.

    Q. What type of switches are used in the Phantom Pro mouse?

    A. The EvoFox Phantom Pro Gaming Mouse features Huano switches, known for their durability and reliability. These switches are built to withstand the rigors of gaming and offer a satisfying click feel.

    Q. How durable is the Phantom Pro mouse?

    A. The Phantom Pro is built to be highly durable. It comes with a braided cable and boasts a lifespan of up to 10 million switch strokes, ensuring that it can handle extensive gaming sessions without wearing out.

    Q. Can I set up macros on the Phantom Pro Mouse?

    A. Yes, you can set up macros with the help of the included software. This feature allows you to create complex sequences of actions and commands that can be executed with a single button press, giving you an edge in your gaming performance.

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