Navigate securely and safely with iGrip Car Phone holders

Navigate securely and safely with iGrip Car Phone holders

Smartphones have become very essential for our day-to-day tasks, let it be any task like sending a good morning message to someone to attending important calls. Smartphones can help us with pretty much anything from ordering something online to taking us to new destinations.

Talking about new destinations, the Navigation feature of smartphones has made exploring new destinations very easy and convenient. You just need to put the location where to want to go and that’s all, it will take you to your destination. But holding the smartphone in your hands the whole time you are traveling can be tiresome and might cause some confusion for the one who’s driving as neither you can just put the smartphone there as the navigation needs to be visible all the time. 

When a situation like this arrives, where your car doesn’t have a navigation system and you want to navigate using your smartphone and that too with utmost comfort, our iGrip Car phone holders come into the picture. With our wide range of iGrip Car phone holders, you can welcome a safe and smart way to use your phone to do a lot of things like navigation while driving the car safely. These car phone mounts are ideal for hands-free calls and navigation.

So without further ado, let’s see what are different Car phone holders you can check out to make your drives more comfortable.

iGrip Telescopic Car Phone Holder

Amkette iGrip One Touch Telescopic Car Mount is crafted with a Powerful Clamp and long adjustable telescopic arm. You can easily adjust the height for the best possible angle as per liking. The unique adjustable foot allows connecting a charging cable even while mounted. So you don’t have to worry about running out of juice, do navigation and charging seamlessly. The Precision Design along with the smart features makes this a perfect car mount for every situation.

Amkette iGrip Magnetic One Touch

Amkette iGrip Magnetic Car Mount is crafted to perfection and built to last. It will blend in perfectly with your car’s interior. As the name suggests, It contains 6 strong and optimized magnets, providing a reliable stronghold. Built with heat-resistant silicone, Double-Spring Clamp, and a rotating ball which makes the mount, easy to use by enhancing its flexibility. So why waste any time, welcome secure and safe navigation to your life.

Learn more about Amkette iGrip Magnetic One Touch

iGrip Easy View Car Phone Holder

Amkette iGrip one-touch easy view car mount is the ideal compact car mount with powerful clamps, easy one-handed operation, and a uniquely compact design. It is built with polycarbonate plastic which makes it a long-lasting car mount and the sticky gel pad ensures a super strong grip on any surface. You can easily mount it anywhere on the dashboard of your car. Just simply peel off the sticky side of the iGrip easy view and place it firmly where you want to, that’s it. Sounds interesting, isn’t it? Check out more by clicking here

iGrip Tuff Car Phone Holder

Simple, compact, safe, and secure, the Amkette iGrip Tuff Car Mount is the ideal mount for your car. The included Dashboard Pad and the special sticky suction provide an unbeatable grip. With powerful metal springs and a unique compact design, you can mount your phone securely and with full ease.

So this covers up the lineup of iGrip Car Phone holders. Did you think that was it? No! So much more to come, we will give you one piece of information at one time so that both of us can enjoy this. If you haven’t go check out our wide range of iGrip Car Phone holders or simple CLICK HERE. Until we meet next time!